#WS6Perth Rd 1: What they said

Perth, Australia, February 16: Read what leading contenders for the ISPS HANDA World Super 6 Perth have to say following their opening round at the Lake Karrinyup Country Club on Thursday.

Brett Rumford (Aus) First round 66 (-6)

BRETT RUMFORD:  Yep, it was good.  It was really nice, just a solid 33 front, 33 back, for a 66, that’s pretty much how the round unfolded.  It was nothing ‑‑ no stretches of brilliance, just a consistent round of golf, controlled the ball pretty much how I wanted it most the day and, yeah, I think the golf course is set up that way as well.  It’s relatively generous off the tee when the wind’s not blowing as strong as what it was this morning, but the greens being a bit more receptive as well, fairly large greens, quite generous, and they’re actually rolling very, very well.  So best course to be at today.

Q.  Do you think some guys might get in lower than you maybe?

BRETT RUMFORD:  Yeah, I think so.  I think if you’re on, you’re on.  You can shoot a number at any golf course, but this one in particular, there’s a lot of short par 4s and there’s a lot of opportunities with par 5s as well being reachable, so there’s no reason why there’s not an 8‑under out there this afternoon.  I wouldn’t say easily but, yeah, it’s doable.  Just have wait and see.

Q.  If you are leading tonight, that would be pretty nice too?

BRETT RUMFORD:  It’s kind of irrelevant, isn’t it, it’s top 24.  Top 8 is a priority.  Would be nice to have that behind the first round, but match play is a different game.  So it’s a different game and I think just getting your foot in the door is the number one priority this week regardless of how you score.

Q.  What are your thoughts on the final round format here, do you like it?

BRETT RUMFORD:  I think it’s ‑‑ yeah, look, I think it’s going to be pretty exciting.  I think it’s going to be great for the viewing, the spectators.  With all these live TVs running up around the golf course, it’s going to be ‑‑ there’s going to be a lot of energy and I think the one thing about stroke play is that you’re playing against 156 other guys in the field thereabouts and you don’t really fist pump when you make a birdie on the first hole in a signature hole golf tournament.  If you do, then you’re made to look a bit of an idiot.  With match play it’s a different beast.  And you see it every time in the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup is that it brings out more the personality in the individuals when it goes one on one because it’s a very, very direct opponent you’re playing against rather than the field of 156 players.  You’re actually got that tangibility that you’re playing against someone, you’re competing against him.  And being only six holes you’ll see a bit more animation, I think a bit more personality and character from every individual out there that we see in the Ryder Cup.

Hideto Tanihara (Jpn) First round 67 (-5)

It was pretty windy today and it’s pretty hard in these wind conditions, but I was able to control the ball really well and roll it good on the greens so end up with a good score and really happy with the score too.   My first goal is to get into Sunday round.  And playing in a match where there’s only six holes it’s different and really looking forward to playing that match. I’m sponsored by ISPS and Mr. Handa has been really good to us.  Unfortunately we play in Japan, we miss cuts, so we want to try to make cut and play well and make Mr. Handa happy.

Johannes Veerman (Usa) First round 67 (-5)

I was playing very well in Malaysia last week and I was really hoping to get into this week. Whenever you play well, you like to carry that momentum and I’m glad I have the opportunity to do so now. I’m not going to change much in terms of my strategy. I’m just going to go out there, play my best and try to get into the top-eight.

Casey O’Toole (Usa), First round 67 (-5)

I’ve been struggling a little bit before coming over here so I’m pretty pleased with how I’ve played today. I just have been working hard on things and I felt like they were starting to come over together a bit. 67 in the wind out here is pretty good. This is my first time to Perth and playing on this course.

Pavit Tangkmolprasert (Tha) First round 68 (-4)

I’m very happy with my game today as I drove the ball very well and I adapted well to the greens which was rolling very nicely for me. This is my first time playing at Lake Karrinyup Country Club and I’m obviously pleased with my score. The windy conditions made it tough and I’m glad I manged to do well. I’ve never been involved in any professional matchplay event before and therefore I’m naturally very excited about this week.

Carlos Pigem (Esp) First round 68 (-4)

I didn’t hit the ball that well today. But whenever I missed a shot, I was able to recover well. Golf is funny. Sometimes you can hit the ball really good but your score is not good. And sometimes, when you don’t hit it well, you can still get a decent score, so overall, I’m happy. The greens a little softer compared to last year and it was pretty windy in the morning.

Jeev Milkha Singh (Ind) First round- 70 (-2)

I’m pretty happy with my round as I’ve been working quite hard especially with my mental coach who has helped me a lot. I tried to do what he told me to do on the golf course today and I finished well with birdies in my closing two holes for a two-under, which is good. I’m comfortable on this golf course and I love how it plays. It’s in excellent conditions and it’s a world-class venue. You have to be very aggressive the entire week especially with this new format. I’ve played a lot of matchplay events as a junior and being the captain of Team Asia during the EurAsia Cup has helped. You understand what works and what doesn’t and hopefully I can put that to good use during the weekend over here.