#WS6Perth Rd 2: What they said

Perth, Australia, February 17: Read what leading contenders have to say after completing their second round at the ISPS HANDA World Super 6 Perth on Friday.

Brett Rumford (Aus), Second round 65 (-7), Total 131 (-13)

BRETT RUMFORD:  Yeah, it’s nice.  Thoughts on the round were pretty draining.  I’m pretty tired after that today.  It was harder than I actually anticipated.  The weather forecast was supposed to be only about 31 today, but felt like about 40.  It was really just keeping up the fluids and keeping up the energy levels.  That’s mainly all I was really focusing on today, and the score sort of just unfolded as it did.  Had a good round I guess from, what was that, 6 through to 10, and then got a little bit unfortunate on 11 which sort stopped that round, but sort of all the work was done.  And then just played some solid golf coming in, made some good up and downs with a couple tricky ‑‑ the wind was just starting to swirl on that back nine making things a bit tricky, so a couple numbers that were a little bit out, but apart from that it was a really good day.

Q.  How confident are you that you can keep it going into the weekend?

BRETT RUMFORD:  Keep it going, yeah, I think I’m just going to keep ‑‑ just take it one day at a time.  Wake up tomorrow, just check energy levels, and really just maintaining that, staying fresh, particularly in this heat.  So that’s really all you can really hope for is just walking up to the first tee feeling as though you’re good to go.

Q.  You’re in good position now.  Seeding, is that one of the major goals at this point?

BRETT RUMFORD:  Look, I’m really not so sure how it pans out.  It’s one of those things that someone’s going to have to finish first in the qualifier and, but there’s no really advantage between 1 and 24.  They’re all great players here this week and match play of six holes, it’s a bit of a lottery.  So obviously just getting your foot in the door and qualifying is the number one key, that’s it.  So no matter where you finish, you’ve just got to be here for Sunday.

Q.  Few players lower down they’re going to have to take a lot less risks tomorrow to get in that 24.  You can afford to just play your game now?

BRETT RUMFORD:  I’m not really focusing on ‑‑ haven’t really been focusing on the qualifying section at all.  Just focused on just purely the technical side of my golf swing, just try to bed that in with competition play with making some really nice changes.  I’m just trying to trust each golf swing of every single golf shot, just trying to get the right feels and the right feels for the shot shapes and just obviously take it out on the golf course.  That’s mainly really all I’m focusing on.  I’ve been playing some really nice golf, swing seems to be in the right place right where I want it.

Q.  It would be good to have that buffer, wouldn’t it, top 8 straight through to the second round of the match play?

BRETT RUMFORD:  Oh, 100 percent, definitely.  That’s one round, that’s one less lottery round you have to deal with, isn’t it?  So that’s definitely a huge bonus qualifying inside that top 8.  So it’s definitely something I am thinking about.  For any players, I mean, that’s why it’s going to be so unique and so interesting as well.  There’s sort of cuts within cuts this week, and if you’re not thinking about it, you know, maybe it’s a good thing, maybe a bad thing, I’m not too sure, but definitely the top 8 is where you want to be.

Q.  What do you think of the crowds out here tomorrow, Brett, does the home support help out there?

BRETT RUMFORD:  Yeah, I think the crowds have been great and, yeah, definitely, look, it’s just nice playing in front of your home crowd but also knowing the golf course that you are very familiar with as well that you have grown up playing your whole life on it.  So that’s a nice bonus as well.

David Brandson (Aus) Second round 64 (-8) Total 133 (-11)

Q.  Here with David Bransdon.  Did you see this happening?  You birdied the first two holes of the day, must have got you in a great frame of mind?

DAVID BRANSDON:  Yeah, it did.  It’s nice for the putter to work early.  Worked early last week on the first round, but it was nice to get it going early and then make a few more around the turn, and then she got a bit cold toward the end, but that’s okay.

Q.  How do you keep that going?  You’ve made four through the middle there and you think, is there a fifth in you?

DAVID BRANSDON:  I don’t think about in a row, but I did stop after 12 holes, so it did cool off a little bit.  But, no, you just ‑‑ I was hitting it good so I trusted what I was doing and the putts ‑‑ I had really good reads on the greens today, whereas yesterday I was struggling with the wind, sort of moved here and there, and then I had good reads on the greens today and I was pretty comfortable.

Q.  Tell me, is it time for Davids Bransdon to win one of these big ones?  You’ve won some of the smaller ones, but never the big ones?

DAVID BRANSDON:  It would be nice, would be nice.  Certainly playing well enough, which is good.  Stay out of my own road the next couple days and we’ll see what happens. Like I just said to the boys, I putted well, I had a good read for the greens this morning.  They were a little smoother in the morning.  They got a little wear and tear on them yesterday obviously with the issues you’ve had recently.  They were a little bumpy in the afternoon yesterday, but I had pretty comfortable reads this morning and they kept dropping so it was nice.

Q.  A birdie birdie start, always nice to get in a good frame of mind going into the round, isn’t it?

DAVID BRANSDON:  Definitely, definitely.  I did it on both nines today so it was good.  Couple early there and then I birdied three around the turn so got both nines off to a good start so that’s a good thing.

Q.  Four birdies in a row, how did that feel?

DAVID BRANSDON:  I didn’t really realize until Paul just told me then, but, yeah, that’s good.  It’s like I said, I had really comfortable reads and I had a few wedge shots in and around the turn.  You don’t get many wedge shots around here and I was fortunate enough with the wind the way it was blowing that I got a few around the turn, so I hit them in nice and close and rolled the putts in.

Q.  It’s a great position going into the weekend with this exciting new format.  How do you feel about that?

DAVID BRANSDON:  Well, everything I read, you need to be in that top 8 after three rounds, so I’m in a good position with that.  Top 24 obviously, that’s the goal because if you’re not in the top 24 you don’t get to be part of the fun on Sunday.

Q.  Very different tournament here.  Do you just play the first couple days like normal, how do you approach the whole thing mentally?

DAVID BRANSDON:  Exactly that for the first two days, even three.  Obviously first two rounds it’s a normal event, even the third round we make a cut.  But even with the third round being normal you’ve still got to be aware of running top 24 because you don’t want to be just making the cut on the number around 60th or 55th because you’ve got to make a low score to get to the top 24 for Sunday.

Q.  What was the secret for you today?

DAVID BRANSDON:  Hitting nice iron shots and holing a few putts.  That was the secret to today.

Q.  What sort of game do you have to have for those little match play?  Do you have to be consistent or do you have to make a lot of birdies?  What sort of perfect player protocol ‑‑

DAVID BRANSDON:  I really hadn’t thought that far ahead yet, but what are we playing, 10 and then 2 and then 8 and 11, 12, so there’s a little mix of everything in there.  You’ve got a few short holes, a few tough holes, and obviously you’ve got 2 and 18 that are going to play quite tough.  There’s a par 3 in there, short par 4, and a par 5, so there’s a mix of everything.  So you can be aggressive, but you’ve still got to be mindful of keeping it in the fairway because there’s a couple holes that can jump up and grab you pretty quick.

Johannes Veerman (Usa) Second round 68 (-4) Total 135 (-9)

It was very windy this morning but I hit the ball so well yesterday and I knew that if I can continue doing so, it wouldn’t even matter much even if it was blowing hard. I only missed two or three fairways and only dropped one shot today so it was a solid round. I hitting it better than I have in a while and putting well. So I’m excited for the weekend. My father and I have a good track record and it’s a lot of fun. He has a lot more forgiveness from me instead of a regular caddie. It’s a different feeling. You usually play to win but I guess for this week, you try to get into the top-eight first and see what happens. I haven’t played matchplay unless you consider playing with my brother and friends!

Casey O’Toole (Usa) Second round 70 (-2), Total 137 (-7)

I felt like I didn’t hit it quite as well today and I kinda hung in there. I three-putted 17 which let me down a bit. But overall, I felt like I got a lot out of this round. It was a grind but I’ll work on it and restart again tomorrow.

S.S.P. Chawrasia (Ind) Second round- 68 (-4) Total 139 (-5)

I played really well today and I’m looking forward to the next two days. It’s going to be very interesting this weekend. Matchplay is a total different strategy and I’m excited. I played in the EurAsia Cup last year and I know what it’s going to be like. You got to be more aggressive during Matchplay and I’m going to do just that over the weekend. I have many good memories about Australia and I’ve positive vibes about this country.