#OEM2017 Preview What They Said

Crans Montana, September 6: Read what players are saying ahead of the Omega European Masters which gets underway on Thursday.

SSP Chawrasia of India

SSP Chawrasia of India

S.S.P. Chawrasia (Ind)

It’s a very beautiful place here. I love coming here every year. I am enjoying the beautiful views here and it feels great to be playing here. The course is playing great. I played the pro-am tournament on Monday.

The conditions are excellent and it’s just getting better and better every year. This year, we have as new green on hole 11 which I think it’s slightly easier than the old green. The game is feeling good. I played well in Denmark a couple of weeks back. Hopefully it will be a good week!

You need to hit it straight and putt well to score on this course. Everybody is hitting the ball good so it’s important to putt well as the greens are tricky. You actually have the see where the mountains are before you putt. It’s interesting.

Winning the Arjuna Award back home is a great recognition of what I have achieved in my career. It has been my dream since I was a junior. I am really happy to win the award. Everyone is very happy for me back home. It was nice. I enjoyed my time back home before coming here.

I am just playing my own game. I just want to focus on my own game and not think so much about the Order of Merit crown. I know I am playing well so I will just stick to my routine. If I play good enough, it will come to me.

Scott Hend of AustraliaScott Hend (Aus)

It’s a tricky golf course but it’s always nice to come and play here. The surrounding areas are so good and it’s a nice week to come here and enjoy yourself.

It will be nice to get into a playoff again this year and win it instead of lose it but Alex (Noren) did play good enough to win the title last year. It was a good finish for me nevertheless. It was disappointing not to win because it would be really nice to have your name imprinted on the sidewalks up here.

I will just do my best again this year and see what happens. It’s a very difficult golf course. It changes so much from the morning to the afternoon with the weather going from cold to hot.

Judging how far the ball goes is a big part of this golf course. The ball seems to go further in the afternoon. You got to be really careful on which club to use.

It’s a funny type of grass on these greens because it gets a bit bumpy in the later part of the day. There’s a lot of little things you need to look at to play well on this golf course.

Lu Wei-chih of Chinese Taipei

Lu Wei-chih of Chinese Taipei

Lu Wei-chih (Tpe)

It’s my first time here in Switzerland. A bit of hiccup upon arriving because my luggage didn’t arrive with me. My golf bag came with me though. My wife is here with me this week and we are very excited to be here. The views are great and you feel really relaxed to be here.

I played the pro-am tournament on Monday. It’s a really beautiful golf course. As it’s my first time here, there are a lot of things for me to learn. The weather here is very different from back home in Chinese Taipei too. The temperature change is about 20 degrees.

My body feels a little stiff from the cold but I’m trying my best to adjust to it. Before coming here, everyone’s been telling me that you tend to hit the ball further here. But after playing the pro-am tournament on Monday, I feel that the difference wasn’t much.

Accuracy off the tee will be key this week. The aim is to get as high on the leaderboard as possible but we will see how it goes.

Pavit Tangkamolprasert of Thailand

Pavit Tangkamolprasert of Thailand

Pavit Tangkamolprasert (Tha)

I have been playing in Europe for a while now and this is the first time I feel that a golf course in Europe has such resemblance to the ones that I play in Asia. The layout of this course feels similar to the one at the Hong Kong Golf Club. The previous few courses that I have played in Europe are all wide and windy and the roughs are pretty different.

I am still trying to cope with the distance control here. The ball kind of go further in this air on the mountain. That was what happened when I played the pro-am tournament yesterday. Distance control is important on this golf course so hopefully I can adjust to it before the tournament starts.

I am feeling confident for this week. I like the layout and I sense some familiarity as it’s similar to the ones we get in Asia. I am used to playing in the cold now after playing a handful of tournaments in Europe. I only made two cuts so far in Europe but I learned a lot from my experiences. I hope to put that to good use this week.

I learned to play in the wind. I hit a lot of lower balls here in Europe because it’s so windy. I never used to hit low balls back in Asia. I have been working on hitting a lot of low balls after coming to Europe and it’s getting better now.

I like this course. If I can stay true to my good form this week, I should be able to do well. The target is to finish inside top-20. I hit some good qualify shots in the pro-am yesterday. I think I just need to manage the distances better.

The focus will be back on the Asian Tour for the rest of the season. This week will be a good opportunity for me to get off to a good start for the remainder of the season. A good result will be a great boost of confidence for me to prepare for my title defence in Macao next month.

Chan Shih-chang of Chinese Taipei

Chan Shih-chang of Chinese Taipei

Chan Shih-chang (Tpe)

It has been pretty tough here in Europe. I haven’t been playing really well. It’s very different playing in Europe compared to playing in Asia. It’s way more challenging here, be it the standard of play or the golf courses. It can get pretty stressful especially when you don’t hit it as long as other players.

But having said that, I have learned a lot and I am confident the experience will help me in time to come. This is my second time playing the Omega European Masters. The course is very beautiful. I made the cut last year so there is a bit of confidence coming into the week.

It’s been awhile since I last played on the Asian Tour. I don’t know many players on the European Tour so it’s definitely good to see some familiar faces from the Asian Tour here. It feels like I am back playing in Asia. I definitely feel more comfortable this week.

David Lipsky of the USA

David Lipsky of the USA

David Lipsky (Usa)

This place is beautiful as always. It’s my sixth consecutive year coming back to play here. I look forward to coming back here every year. It’s such a nice event to play.

My game’s feeling pretty good. It’s heading in the right direction. I played pretty well a couple of weeks ago. I am excited to come and play here this week.

I remember hitting some amazing shots coming down the stretch when I won three years ago. Those are what you really need to win the tournament here and I am glad I managed to pull them off that year. Those shots are stuck on my mind since.

Distance control is very important on this course given the altitude. You need to play your irons well to score on this course.

This is my last regular year on the European Tour and I will be back playing quite a bit in Asia after that so winning the Asian Tour Order of Merit for the second time is definitely on my agenda.