#DiamondCup Rd 3 What They Said

Chiba Prefecture, Japan, September 23: Read what players are saying following the penultimate round of the Asia-Pacific Diamond Cup on Saturday.

Poom Saksansin (Tha) – Third Round 67 (-4), Total 201 (-12)

I putted well today. I hit my tee shots good too and I had a bit of luck. I was just trying to keep my ball in play, hit the fairways then the greens then try to make the putts. That’s it. I am not thinking about anything else.

I didn’t even realised I hit all the fairways today. It’s not true that I don’t feel any pressure out there. I did feel nervous out there today, especially on hole 15. It’s a difficult hole. I duffed my second shot but I got lucky as the ball flew over the water hazard and rolled close to the pin.

I am happy to keep the bogeys away today. I will try and just do the same things for tomorrow. I will do my best, if I win, it will be very good but if I don’t, it’s alright. I had some good par saves on the front nine thanks to my good putting

I wasn’t able to give myself birdie chances because the wind was just coming in all directions out there. My first birdie for the day finally came on the 10th hole after I sank a three-footer. That was the turning point for me. I got some confidence from there.

I feel like I can walk easier on the course after losing so much weight since this year. I definitely feel more fit now than before. I feel much easier when I tie my shoe lace now (laughs). I am eating less too so the better fitness has definitely helped my game.

I won my second title in India last month. I am confident because know I have the capabilities to win tournaments now. But having said that, I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I hope I can play well again.

Tadahiro Takayama (Jpn) – Third Round 73 (+2), Total 201 (-12)

I couldn’t swing well today. My tee shots all went right. I think it started from the 12th hole. I hit a good tee shot on 13 but was unlucky. I started making three bogeys in a row there. It was really cold out there.

I hope it will not be as cold tomorrow. My back really hurts when the weather turns cold. Poom played well. I was trying to play well as well.

I hit the television tower on 17 and the ball came to rest in a bad lie. It was hard.

It was really tough out there. I think it’s because I am thinking too much about the stroke difference.

But having said that, I still have a chance as I am still tied for the lead. Saksansin played really won and he has won a tournament this year.

I feel that he has a very strong heart. It’s good to know him after today’s round. At least I know him and I can watch out him tomorrow.

Daisuke Kataoka (Jpn) – Third Round 66 (-5), Total 202 (-11)

I putted better today. I adjusted my putting after my round yesterday. I am feeling good about my shots. It’s not perfect yet but I made a lot of good putts. I am happy with my good Score today.

I realized I had an open face putter when I addressed to ball yesterday so I tried to make it square and align it straight. The ball started to roll smoothly today.

I wasn’t really looking at the leaderboards out there. There was a lot of stroke difference before today. I just tried to make lots of birdies and avoid making bogeys.

The pin positions were really difficult. I thought I managed it well, except for the tee shot on hole eight, all others were perfect.

I made really good putts to get four birdies on the back nine. I expect the pin positions to be more difficult tomorrow. The leaders will have difficulties. I have to play well and make birdies to win.

My putting is good now so I will just concentrate on the greens. Hopefully that will make it easier for me tomorrow.

Hung Chien-yao (Tpe) – Third Round 69 (-2), Total 205 (-8)

The course is getting more and more difficult by the day. The weather might be more cooling today and not as hot as the last two rounds but it was pretty windy out there and it’s coming from all directions. That’s what made it tough out there today.

The pin positions were pretty challenging too. I thought the last two days were difficult already. I made some mistakes which I shouldn’t have made today. I will try my best and avoid those mistakes tomorrow.

It’s been pretty consistent for me the last three rounds. The game’s feeling good. I am hitting the ball good too. I will just go out there again tomorrow and play my best. It’s just one more round to play but I am not thinking too much.

I just want to do my best and finish the week on a positive note. My game has improved a lot since the Queen’s Cup in June. I think I found a way of practicing that suits myself. I can feel it getting better so I just have to keep playing and I know the results will come.

Ben Leong (Mas) – Third Round 69 (-2), Total 208 (-5)

It turned out pretty good for me today, weather wise. It was blowing and raining before I teed off this morning. The golf course is playing great. The greens are really soft so it made scoring a little bit easier but having said that, you still need to keep the ball in play.

The roughs are pretty thick out there. The wind’s swirling a little bit as well. I just got lucky I supposed. I am five-under right now and still one more day to go. We will see what happens. I played alright, not spectacular but not bad either.

I just tried to stay patient and stay positive. I got it going and then dropped a couple of strokes which killed the momentum but I tried not to get caught up with it. I finished birdie-par-birdie coming in so it was good.

Everything was pretty consistent for me, nothing really stood out. I just stayed patient and enjoy the process out there. It’s pretty tricky. You can get fed-up and start throwing strokes away so patience is key.