#YeangderTPC Rd 1 What they said

Peradol Panyathanasedh (Tha) – First Round 67 (-5)

Everything was perfect for me. I missed some greens but I made up-and-down for par and that’s what gave me the confidence.

Peradol Panyathanasedh of Thailand

Peradol Panyathanasedh of Thailand

The irons were the best part of my game because I managed to find the greens on most holes. If you miss the green here, it is very difficult to chip and putt.

The conditions were tough, almost the same like last week where I missed so many easy putts. So today, I was more focussed in my game.

I won in Thailand last month. It was my first win in seven years. I’m feeling more confident because I want to play more golf. Before this, I was upset all the time but now I’ve changed my mind set after talking to my gym instructor. He has really motivated me to do well and play golf again.

My best hole was on number one. I hit my second shot from the rough from 200 yards with a six-iron and I was 30 yards short of the green. I made up and down for birdie. I also had a chip in on the par three 14th hole from 20 yards.

Johannes Veerman (Usa) – First Round 67 (-5)

My ball striking was really good. I keep my ball on the fairways and was able to get it on the green for two putts. Consistency is really key out here.

I started birdie, birdie so that helped a lot. If you started with bogeys then you will probably freak out a bit. It is not easy out there so you need to trust in yourself – that you are swinging it and putting well – and if the ball doesn’t go in, you got to keep going.

I have good memories in Chinese Taipei. I love it here.

It was swirling a bit but the compass on the yardage book is really good. I think the wind swirls because of the trees but I firmly believe that it doesn’t change direction if you hit it above the trees. That’s why I hit the ball high.

Gaganjeet Bhullar (Ind) – First Round 68 (-4)

It is a decent start. It wasn’t easy. When we started it was calm but around the turn it started to blow a lot. I rolled the ball really well and gave myself a lot of good looks on the green. I holed a few good putts including a 25-foot birdie putt (hole 8). It is not easy to read the greens this week. That’s probably the trickiest par.

It will be a test of patience out here. This course looks easy but it can get you any given time. You got to keep yourself calm and composed on the golf course.

There is no secret to success. I’m just trying to do my work and try and repeat the things I did when I played well or won. I just need to execute it well. I’ve been playing well but not scoring. Personally I knew I’m playing good and it is just a matter of time before it clicks.

Danny Chia (Mas) – First Round 68 (-4)

I got lucky on the greens and made some putts. It was very tricky with the swirling winds so I’m still happy with the round. I was hitting the ball quite okay in the calmer conditions but struggled on the greens. I three putted on the 12th hole for my only bogey of the day.

I hit some really close but didn’t come close to making the putts. On the back nine the putts started to drop. I won’t say that I’m feeling comfortable with my game. It seems that the type of shots I want to hit is slowly coming together. I’m still aware with my back swing changes so things are not clicking together yet. My short game has been good because I’ve been hitting it all over.

Lu Wei-chih (Tpe) – First Round 68 (-4)

It has been a while since I had a hole-in-one. The last time I had a hole-in-one was at the 2011 Mercuries Taiwan Masters where I won. I’m very happy to get my seventh hole-in-one in my career.

I’m feeling good to be honest. It has been a while since I’ve enjoyed playing golf. Last week it was so frustrating when I was defending the Mercuries Taiwan Masters. Every putt which I thought would go in; didn’t. Now I’m feeling better.