#IndoOpenGolf Preview What They Said

Jakarta, October 25: Read what players have to say before their campaigns at the Indonesia Open which starts on Thursday.

Daniel Chopra of Sweden

Daniel Chopra of Sweden

Daniel Chopra (Swe)

I am really excited to be back here. I woke up very early this morning and came out here very early. It has been a long time since I came here. I used to spend a couple of months here for about five to six years when I was still a junior golfer.

I will come here in the winter and play some junior tournaments. After I turned professional, I used to come here to prepare for my tournaments on the Asian Tour too. I have great memories of this course. This golf course has obviously changed over the years but the layout is still the same.

The grasses are like completely different from what I used to play. But I remember the range, the clubhouse and the practice areas. I spent so many hours chipping and putting out there. It’s always exciting to be playing the Indonesia Open, given that I have spent part of my junior days here.

It’s a little bit like a home game for me as well. The game’s feeling good for this week so we’ll see what happens.

Jazz Janewattananond of Thailand

Jazz Janewattananond of Thailand

Jazz Janewattananond (Tha)

This is my eighth week in a row. I am just happy to be here. I like this course. I played here last year although I didn’t play quite well. I felt like I played really good last year but I didn’t score well in my last two rounds. I hope I can play well for all four rounds this week.

I am not working on anything at the moment. I am just sticking to the basics. I am happy with how I am playing right now so I hope I can continue to do that this week. It has been a great season for me. Things have turned to my favour after I won my first Asian Tour title in Bangladesh earlier this year.

Jeev Milkha Singh (Ind)

Good thoughts coming back here obviously, having finished joint runner-up last year. It’s always good to come back to tournaments where you have played well before. Definitely feeling positive coming back and the golf course is in top condition.

It is better than last year. The greens are in good shape. The rough is up and the only thing we need to worry about now is the weather. It’s a traditional golf course. I remember playing here when I was still an amateur some 25 years ago.

A lot of changes have taken place but it’s a traditional golf course where distance control is required. You need to be accurate off the tee.

It’s great to see Ajeetesh (Sandhu) and Gaganjeet (Bhullar) winning recently. We have got a very good Tour at home and these kids have a lot knowledge. They always want to know more and learn more and getting to know how the other players are winning on the bigger Tours and all.

With the internet easily accessible these days, the younger generation has the advantage of getting the knowledge easily. They also have the desire and the will to do well. I think that’s what helping them to win. It’s good to see them come out here and do well.

George Gandranata of Indonesia

George Gandranata of Indonesia

George Gandranata (Ina)

I am hoping to play my own game this week. I played well on the Asian Development Tour event in Bali two weeks ago. I hit the ball really good that week but last week in Macao, I wasn’t hitting it as well. We will see about this week. It’s a course that we played last year as well so I am quite familiar with it.

I haven’t played this course too much but the conditions are really good this week. It’s really pristine and beautiful. I have the strategy to playing this course so hopefully I can execute it better this week. It’s awesome to be playing my National Open this week.

There’s nothing better than playing well in your National Open and fly your country’s flag high on the leaderboard. It’s very exciting. I am glad the tournament is back again this year. You got to hit it really well to score on this course.

The fairways are forgiving and the greens are really soft. The scores are going to be really low this week but that’s dependent on the wind of course. Hopefully I made it through to the weekends, if I can do that, my family is going to come and support me.

Gaganjeet Bhullar of India

Gaganjeet Bhullar of India

Gaganjeet Bhullar (Ind)

I am in a great frame of mind right now. Last week, I played well and coming into a tournament which I have won twice feels good this week. It’s great to be back on this beautiful track and the conditions are beautiful, exactly what we got to play last year. The greens are rolling around 10.5 to 11 and greens are true so I’m looking forward to playing well this week.

I remember a good start last year on Sunday where I was five-under-par through seven holes and that gave me a lot of momentum on the back nine. I was trailing by one or two shots, then tied with the leaders, and then I just grabbed all opportunities I got and made a lot of putts.

I came straight here from Macao yesterday. I have recovered from the traveling but the victory has not really sunk in yet. I think that’s how it is. After you hole your last putt it’s all over and in the history books so you start your day from Monday and prepare for the incoming week.

I got a lot of calls from friends and family after my win but I have not got a chance to celebrate. I will go back home after Manila and hopefully by then I would have played even better and have more reasons to celebrate with my friends and family.

I always love coming to Jakarta. I won three of my eight Asian Tour titles here. This tournament is so close to my heart. I try my best to come here every year. I am hitting the ball good and striking the ball well. If I can continue to stick to my routine and go according to my plan, I will definitely be up there on the leaderboard again.

Gaganjeet Bhullar of India

Gaganjeet Bhullar of India

Johannes Veerman (Usa)

My mother isn’t here but I do have some family members coming here to watch me this week. I am feeling good and excited because it’s in Indonesia and it’s just much more special to me.

I’m excited because I am playing well right now and this course is in a fantastic shape so it will be a good test. I hope I’ll be in contention but it will be a fun week regardless.

I played well at the start of the season and then I decided to change my swing a little bit, since we are always on the pursuit of trying to improve and that hurt me a little bit.

I am just going on my own tempo and feel now and I’m playing better so hopefully I can finish the year on a high note.

I finished tied-second here last year and I have had some top-five results coming here. The game’s feeling good. It’s very exciting to be playing here this week in good form.

Rory Hie of Indonesia

Rory Hie of Indonesia

Rory Hie (Ina)

I haven’t played a tournament here since I was nine years old. This is my first time playing on this course as a professional. I claimed my best result on the Asian Tour in India two months ago so I am hoping to replicate their good result here this week.

I have been playing a lot, week in week out, so it has become pretty much like a routine to me. Every week, it’s just the same goal for me. I try to do my best every week and see where that takes me. Hopefully I can cap a good result this week.