#ABMO2017 Rd 1 What They Said

Arjun Atwal (Ind) – First Round 62 (-9)

I was in Kuala Lumpur the last two days to announce the players in Team Asia for the EurAsia Cup and I had some media activities to do. I had no practice round and straight on the first tee.

I’m pleased and shocked. I took a very long route coming here. I came through Dubai and it took me 16 hours to get here. I was tired and I didn’t really expect anything. Sometimes when you don’t expect much, you get a lot out of it.

I missed two or three fairways but for most of the part I kept the ball in front of me. I played here two years ago but I don’t really remember the course. I made a few putts and every time you want to shoot low, that’s what you have to do.

I found it pretty tough out there but I didn’t make any mistakes and I had a hot putter. The wind was on and off. It wasn’t very gusty. I’m looking forward to some rest and see what happens tomorrow.AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open - Day One

It is very important to play a practice round if you haven’t played the course before. It is kind of important but not the end of the world especially for a guy who has played enough golf in his life.

Miguel Tabuena (Phi) – First Round 66 (-5)

I made a terrible error on 17. Three putting is not the best thing to do but I came back strong. I put myself in position to make birdie and I made it. It was a bit gusty today.

I’ve been striking the ball really well the past few weeks but I wasn’t happy with my putting in Hong Kong last week. I changed putter and it is working this week.

You can’t hit it too high here. If you do that, the wind will take it away. This is a thinking golf course. You can’t blink or it will bite you.

I’m really motivated to bounce back from my defeat at the Resorts World Manila Masters three weeks ago. I would be okay if I bogeyed the hole if I was in a bad position but I was in a good position. I made a mental error and it hit me in the gut. I’ve put the defeat behind me and there’s still a lot of golf to be played this week.

Eagle on the fifth hole: Hit a nine-iron from 171 yards and holed a six feet eagle putt.

Adilson Da Silva (Bra) – First Round 66 (-5)

I didn’t hit the ball that great but I chipped and putt really well. I was really happy on the greens. My chip and putt saved me and that’s how I put a good score together.

It was a nice finish on 18. I didn’t know what to do and in the end I decided to give it a go and hit a good approach to three feet. That helped.

The course and greens are so good. If you can keep the ball in play you can give yourself a lot of chances. The wind slowed down a bit later this afternoon.

This is a beautiful place. It is like playing golf in paradise. The layout of the course is so beautiful and it suits my eye for some reason. I like playing on this golf course and that makes a big difference.

Louis De Jager (Rsa) – First Round 66 (-5)

I’m pleased with the score today. It was quite calm this morning, so the score was up there. First and last holes I made two bogies, but the 16 holes in between I played lovely, so I’m really pleased.

My putting has improved a lot the last few weeks. I’ve worked a lot on my putting, so that was really good. I saw all the lines nicely and I hit the ball well, I drove it nicely, so that helps. It’s a good combination to have.

The greens are rolling very nicely. They have a good speed, a comfortable speed, so you can really give the birdie putts a bit of a go. They are very true. What you see is what they usually do.

It’s not the narrowest course, so if you just give yourself enough opportunities on the greens. It gets quite windy, so if you get the wind right on the shots you should be fine.

It’s always a special place to come to, so we’re really enjoying it. It’s nice and hot and humid. I’ll go for a swim this afternoon.

Sebastian Heisele (Ger) – First Round 66 (-5)

I’m very pleased with my round. My front nine was a bit of a nightmare to be honest. I didn’t really feel too comfortable but slowly found something that worked for me. I got going on the back nine and pleased to pick up five shots on the back.

I was pulling my shots left as in far left and that made it hard. I feel that the back nine is easier than the front. When you are not feeling it and when you are looking down the fairway and see the bushes along the fairway, you just don’t feel comfortable.

I felt that I’ve been hitting the ball well all of this week. I had a few days off after a long stretch in the last season so I came out here without much expectation. My score surprised me and it also surprised me that I was hitting so badly earlier today but I’m happy I got it back.

Louis Oosthuizen (Rsa) – First Round 67 (-4)

I took advantage of the wind not being that strong on the first nine holes. I was four under through seven. Then it’s gets tricky. The wind really picked up and there are some good holes out there. A lot of risk and reward. I was taking driver everywhere today, so a few errant tee shots, but I think there is definitely good scoring out there. You’ve got to be careful, there are hurdles along the way the whole time.AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open - Day One

I still don’t see the lines very good on the greens, but luckily my caddie does, so he’s doing a really good job. I’m listening to him a lot on the greens. I like the windy conditions, I like the type of play on the golf course, so I just need to play another few good rounds before Sunday.

It might have been a little quicker on Tuesday, but they were expecting it to be really windy today so you can see them just easing a little bit on the speed. They greens are rolling beautifully, it’s true, it’s running nicely. You’ve got to hit the greens. It’s tough around the greens you have grass where it goes straight to the bottom where it’s a bit of a 50/50 guessing game what the ball’s going to do, but it’s good.

I love it here. Last time I was here was on my honeymoon, no golf clubs then, but we’re having a great time. I’ve got two of my development kids from my academy here. They played a few rounds around the island, so we’re having a great time. I’ve got the whole family here and just enjoying Mauritius.

George Coetzee (South Africa), 67 (-4)

I’m quite happy, I played pretty decent. I didn’t think I would be close to the leaders with four under, but it seems like it got a bit tricky out there, I kind of struggled. But yeah, I’m quite happy to post a decent number.

It’s a struggle this game. Tuesday it didn’t go that well (the swing), yesterday it felt great, and then today it kind of felt in between. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get some more of the same.

It feels like you’ve got to be in control of everything, it kind of tests every club in your bag. Short game, you’ve got to put extra on your short game here.

I really enjoy the greens. I see the lines pretty well so I really enjoy putting around here.

Joel Stalter (Fra) – First Round 67 (-4)

I played very well. I didn’t make many putts actually. I had a seven or eight-under in me but it is a good start to my 2017/2018 European Tour season.

I hit my four-iron to three feet and didn’t have much work left to do (eagle on the 14th hole). I got a nice up-and-down for par on 13 and that really gave me the momentum.

The wind picked up on the back nine and it was slightly different. I tried to manage myself well. For example, I didn’t hit my driver on the 18th hole. I’ve had enough experience playing on this course in different wind conditions.

It is fantastic to be playing here. It is probably the best set-up in the year. I’m really looking forward to playing well here.

Romain Langasque (Fra) – First Round 67 (-4)

It was a really good round. I hit it really solid. I found a lot of fairways and greens so it was a really good round.

I only made a bogey on the 16th hole and if a few more putts went in, I would be six or seven-under. It is really positive for me for the rest of the week.

I started early in the morning and that’s very important and good news because the wind isn’t blowing. I started good and made a good putt on the fifth hole. After that I stayed focussed and tried to give myself birdie opportunities.

My driving was good. If you can find the fairway, you can go for the flag. I was very confident off the tees and hit a lot of fairways. I put my ball in a lot of birdie positions. I just need to focus more on the putting for the rest of the week.

Masahiro Kawamura (Jpn) – First Round 68 (-3)

It was funny because when there was no wind on my front nine, I played badly. My putting was very poor. When it started to get windy, I played much better and I owed it to my good wedge shots which resulted in four birdies from close range.

I like this course and I have very good memories here. I finished tied fifth here in 2015 so I’m off to a good start here again. I know the wind will start picking up again but I play quite well in windy conditions so I look forward to the next few days.