#ABMO2017 Rd 2 What They Said

Arjun Atwal (Ind) – Second round 70 (-1), Total 132 (-10)

I thought it was a lot more trickier. The wind wasn’t blowing at a consistent pace and it would gust and you would look like a fool out there. I was pleased with how I played.

The putter was definitely not as hot as the first day. I was hitting the ball just as good but it is tough to follow up a 62 with another low round. I’ll take this one-under.

I almost birdied the ninth. I misjudged the wind with my second shot and it came out just short. It was right on line as well. I would usually putt from the distance I was from the hole but decided to chip and it almost went it. It was a good way to finish.

I’m always calm. People who know me know that I don’t get fired up or lose my temper. I’m pretty much the same all the time. I’m really looking forward to the weekend.

(On recovering from the long distance travel) I feel as good as I can feel for my age. I’m feeling a bit sore but I’ll be okay tomorrow.

Dylan Frittelli (South Africa), 67, 66 (-9)

I’m very happy with the score. The score was good but I didn’t play too well today. Yesterday I played really solid throughout the day and today I had a few too many birdies in my opinion but salvaged it at the end of the round.AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open - Day Two

Birdie on six was really good and then seven; I hit on the green in two and decided to three-putt for par. That was silly but I just knuckled down, just try to forget about it right away. I hit a great shot into eight, nice five-footer for birdie and then, obviously, on number nine, I hit a pearler of a drive to kick in for the eagle. Yesterday I hit it probably 14 or 12 feet away as well. So, tee shot gets up nicely drawing into the wind. I felt comfortable there.  I just decided to give it a go. I mean, it’s 296 to the flag, I think, so three-wood’s landing just short, hit a really good little fade in there and worked out. Got a good bounce, I think.

I’m feeling confident. I mean, if I was within five shots of the leader today, I would still feel confident. There’s still a lot of golf left so I’m happy to be out there and competing with the guys but 36 holes is a lot of golf to play.

It’s probably two years of hard work and a lot of good specific work the last year. Had about six months just working on the mental side and the physical side, trying to get everything into top shape and I’ve done that pretty well throughout the year.

You know, this is week five in a row for me. I’m definitely on form now, I’ve played a lot of tournament golf in the last five weeks and it’s showing in my performance.

Louis de Jager (Rsa) – Second Round 67 (-4) Total 133 (-9)

I’m very pleased. I’ve played some really good golf over the last two days. Overall, I’ve hit the ball well and my short game was good today. It was a bit windier today, so it was tougher to hit the greens. My short game really kept me there and I rolled a few nice putts in at the end and that helped.

Length-wise, the course wasn’t much different this afternoon from yesterday morning. But you just had to think a bit more and the ball shapes a bit more because the winds are mostly crosswinds here. So you have to think a bit and use your imagination a bit more, but I’m pleased with how I handled myself out there today.

I was talking to one of my playing partners, who was remarking on the wind, and I told him that we were just coming off a six or seven-week stretch of coastal tournaments on the Sunshine Tour, so I was feeling quite comfortable in the wind. That definitely helps. It teaches you to stay calm and collected out there.

I’m feeling very good going into the weekend. I’m hitting the ball so well, I’m putting well, I’m chipping well, so it’s going to be a fun weekend.

Laurie Canter (Eng) – Second Round 66 (-5), Total 133 (-9)

Yesterday evet though we went out last it felt like we had a pretty good draw. It was windy to start with kind of played the back nine in a half club, one club wind. Today it was probably the other way round, probably finished in a good two, three club wind really.

I’ve played so much golf in the wind recently, like through Q School. It just feel like I’ve played a load of links golf and that kind of stuff, so I kind of felt quite comfortable out there for a lot of it.

If you can drive the ball half decent around here you’ll have a fair few opportunities to score and get the wedge in your hand a lot. I’m delighted with the two days really.

Playing in the wind is something that I would have said, maybe a year ago, that I need to do better. Some of the wily old foxes who play in Europe, I’ve played with them and they’re really good at that. Just making a score, getting flight on the ball, hitting a few different shots.

It’s something that I’ve worked on a bit with my coach to try to give myself a few more shots going into the green. I felt like I had one swing. I’m trying to knock the ball down a bit more, play a few more half shots, take the spin off. Maybe today and yesterday was the start of me feeling a bit more comfortable and taking that into a tournament.

I’m a pretty good mid-range putter. I fancy myself from 15, 20 feet. My short putting, I’m working hard on at the moment. That can improve a little still but the mid-range stuff is really good, I would back myself a lot from 15, 20 feet. I’m trying to free that up and hole a few putts, which is obviously crucial to posting a good score.

The weekend will be fun. I’ve played a couple of years now on the Tour, but in truth I’ve probably had a lot of 30th to 50th, let’s say. I’ve put myself in good position a few times going into the weekend. I think the position I’m in coming out of Qualifying School, I’ve got nothing to lose. We have to play really well and I’m going to need some really big finishes this year, the way our order of merit is going to pan out, to keep my card. That’s what I’m going to do. Certainly I’ve got nothing to lose this weekend. I’ll go and enjoy it, play as well as I can and we’ll see what happens on Sunday.

Miguel Tabuena (Phi) – Second Round 68 (-3), Total 134 (-8)

I’m pleased with the way I played today. I thought it would be less windy but it started blowing from the first hole. I knew anything under-par would be a great score. I played great but I need to work on my putting and I’ll be ready for tomorrow.

I personally think the back nine was the harder nine. I was glad to get it out of the way in two-under. It was gusty so I was second guessing the wind a lot. That cost me a few shots. I’m playing and striking the ball really well.

AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open - Day TwoThe eagle on the second hole gave me a lot of confidence. I hit a terrible shot on the first. On the next hole, I had the same shot but on the fairway. I told myself to hit it as hard as I could. I hit my two iron from 236 yards out and it landed three feet from the hole. I holed that for eagle.

I didn’t expect to birdie the eighth hole. It is one of the tougher par threes. My putter saved me there (holed a 25 foot birdie).

S.S.P. Chawrasia (Ind) – Second Round 67 (-4), Total 136 (-6)

It was a bogey-free round so I’m very happy. I started with a bogey-bogey yesterday then I fought back very nicely. It was a good comeback and today I just continued from where I left off.

There was no wind on the first five holes but it started to blow. I think it was blowing stronger than yesterday. I’m playing well and I’ve been working hard on my game. I can see that my game is getting better. That’s why I think I’ve had good results in the last few weeks except the final round in Hong Kong!

After playing a bad round, I need to delete it after 10 minutes. I don’t want to carry these bad memories with me. Obviously when you play bad, you feel bad so you don’t want to take that with you.

I’m enjoying my time here. There are a lot of Indian people and they can speak Hindi. I’m enjoying the beach and my room has a sea view!