#EurAsiaCup – What they said

January 12: 
Hear what Team Asia had to say after the fourball matchplay at the EurAsia Cup presented by DRB-HICOM.



Q.  How important was it to put the first point on the board for Team Asia?

SUNGHOON KANG:  You know, we didn’t really think about that.  We start off really good and we played really strong on the front nine.  We made birdies on almost every hole on the front nine.  It was a little bit easier start, and on the back nine we tried not to lose focus and we did pretty good and finished up pretty quickly.  We played great today.

Q.  Poom, how does it feel like to win?

(L) Poom Saksansin and Sunghoon Kang of Team Asia

(L) Poom Saksansin and Sunghoon Kang of Team Asia

POOM SAKSANSIN:  Feels good. I played good today because I felt comfortable and I had a good partner.

Q.  Your partner start off very well, give you guys a good lead.  Did that make you more calm?

POOM SAKSANSIN:  No, I’m the one who teed off first but I’m always thinking that, even if he hits in the rough, he’s okay, because he said he’s good in the rough.

Q.  How important is it to get off to a fast start like that, just to ease the nerves here?

SUNGHOON KANG:  It’s match play, and then we are also competing with really strong players.  It will build up a lot of confidence if you take an early lead out here, so I think it’s very important.

Q.  How much will this win give you enough positive energy for next two rounds?

SUNGHOON KANG:  We’ll get a little bit of confidence out of this, but every day, golf is different.  So we can’t get too confident  We still have to get calm and prepare for the next two days and tomorrow is a totally different game for Sunday so we’ve got to prepare well.



Q.  Thoughts on the day?

ANIRBAN LAHIRI:  I started out quite tired the first few holes, I think it was back and forth.  I think I really struggled on the greens today and S.S.P. had an average ball‑striking day.  I think hats off to Ross.  He kind of carried their team through the day but they combined well.  I think they shot 7‑ or 8‑under, and that’s what you expect in fourballs. I didn’t even make one birdie, so it’s very disappointing for me.  I need to find some touch on these greens.  I just feel like I misread a lot of putts and kind of lost my confidence early in the round. You know, match play, you’ve got to be confident and back yourself on the greens and I just didn’t do that.  You know, sometimes it can get away from you, and it got away from us really quick, but I think more or less, everything’s on the greens, not too disappointed with how I hit it but it’s obviously not the ideal start.  So we’ll see.

Q.  How do you pick yourself up from here?

Anirban Lahiri of Team Asia

Anirban Lahiri of Team Asia

ANIRBAN LAHIRI:  It’s really easy because tomorrow is a brand new match and you have to go out there and just play well.  We’ve got to combine well and you know, today’s finished.  It’s over and you’ve just got to go and start fresh tomorrow.  Whether you lose 1‑down or 4‑down, you’ve lost the point and now it’s just about getting that point tomorrow, so we’ll see.



Q.  Not the result you were looking for but just sum up the round.

KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT:  Well, it was quite a disappointing day. I just didn’t play my A Game today.

Q.  What happened?  What didn’t work for you?

KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT:  Didn’t hit it close enough.  Didn’t hole a lot of putts well.  I’m a little bit disappointed with the result.  Just try to bring my A Game out tomorrow.  Wasn’t playing well, lost two eagles on the par 5 but overall not a bad chip.

Q.  How will you bounce back?

KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT:  Three birdies will get me back to all‑square.  Just try to fight hard tomorrow.  Been working so hard but Ben played well today.

Q.  Not the result you were looking for but just sum up the day.

BYEONGHUN AN:  I’m playing great.  I didn’t miss a shot out there.  I hit it right on the flag every single shot.  Just got some distance control issues, went long a couple of shots.  But me and Kiradech played alright.  We didn’t play that bad.  I think we shot like seven or eight under I think. It’s not bad.  It’s disappointing we lost but we tried our best.  Just got unlucky today.

Q.  Overall, a lot of positives to take into the next two rounds?

Byeonghun An and Kiradech Aphibarnrat of Team Asia

Byeonghun An and Kiradech Aphibarnrat of Team Asia

BYEONGHUN AN:  Yeah, because we’re playing well.  They just played better than us.  We didn’t play that bad.  We played all right.  Me and Kiradech, I think we get along pretty good.  I just got unlucky. I make  three or four birdies, he made three or four birdies on different holes.  It’s fun but disappointing we lost.  I’m looking forward to the next few days.  Hopefully I can get some points. We made a halve, and Kiradech got some good birdies and we missed a couple putts.  It was a good fight I think.  Although we lost 4&3, but it was definitely a good fight and just ran out of juice and they made a lot of birdie putts at the end.  I would say it was unlucky.



PHACHARA KHONGWATMAI:  I feel very happy and excited when we start because I never play on the Asian team before.  I played some four or five holes and essay, no problem, just try and then he teach me a lot and give me many things, many skills to learn a lot.

Q.  Coming down the 18th, did you feel any nerves?

PHACHARA KHONGWATMAI:  A little bit, but I thought we won it already, and we just needed to make a birdie.

Q.  You’re famous for being a very aggressive player.  How was your first match today?  Did you enjoy it?

PHACHARA KHONGWATMAI:  So good because everyone here is so good and conditions are good.



Q.  S.S.P., is not the result you wanted, but just give us your thoughts on the day. 

S.S.P. CHAWRASIA:  Well, I did not play well today.  To be honest, I’m hitting really bad.  Anirban, he’s playing good but he doesn’t putt well.  That’s why we lost the match.  But the next two days we are looking forward to turn it around.

Q.  What happened out there with your game today?

S.S.P. CHAWRASIA:  I’m not hitting my driver well.  I’m hitting it all over the place so that’s why I was struggling.

Q.  Was it like that in the beginning of the week as well, during the practise rounds?

S.S.P. CHAWRASIA:  No, just today. I’m going to driving range to sort out my drives.

Q.  How will you bounce back from this result?

S.S.P. CHAWRASIA:  Well, at the moment, we are looking very good and still two days left.  So I’m hoping for a better result tomorrow.



Li Haotong of Team Asia

Li Haotong of Team Asia


Q.  Your thoughts on today, please?

HAOTONG LI:  I think I made a lot of birdies today.  I think probably around 11, 12, and I played very well and made a lot of putts.  So I am very happy to have made the final putt.

Q.  Nicholas, how do you feel about your partnership today in?

NICHOLAS FUNG:  It’s very good.  I partnered with him because we are comfortable with each other.  I put my ball on the fairway all day and made it easier for him.  He just went for it.  I mean, that’s the key for us, to have a good start.