#WS6Perth Preview: What they said

Jazz Janewattananond of Thailand

Jazz Janewattananond of Thailand

Jazz Janewattananond (Tha)

I didn’t get a chance to play here last year. I only caught it on TV. I think it’s a very good format. Having new things in golf is always exciting. This will be the first year I’m playing in this event and I’m aiming to get into the top 24, so that I can try the Super 6 format.

I haven’t tried anything similar before. I’ll just try to make as many birdies as I can and then just not make any mistake.

(On losing his Asian Tour card for 2017 and winning a tournament in Myanmar in the same year as well as qualify for The Open in 2018) That’s life, right? You get ups and downs. I’m just happy where I am and I want to improve my golf game and improve as much as I can.

Two years ago, I came to play here. It was a very different course compared to what we play in Asia. This year is different though, it’s a lot softer. The first time we play, everything runs off as the ground was firm. It’s easier compared to my first year, but still, the competition is strong so you have to be on point.

The wind is going to affect everyone, especially those who are teeing off in the afternoon. You have to be lucky in the draw, too.

For sure, I want to win more. I have two cards, in Europe and Asia. If I can win in Asia, I can focus on other areas. If not, my focus will remain on the Asian Tour. I’m looking to get a strong base first.

Danny Willett (Eng)

They’ve re-laid the front nine greens, so yeah, they’ve had a few issues I think with the firmness, and obviously some of the greens have had a little bit of trouble with them as well.  But the golf course is in good condition pretty much most of the way around.  There’s a group of greens out there they’ve lost a little bit, but for the most part it’s a fantastic layout and really good fun to play.  All the different wind directions turn this golf course completely the other way around depending on where the wind’s coming from and how strong it is.

I watched it (the tournament) last year on TV and really thought it was good.  So yeah, then to be able to come down and be part of the Super 6, it puts a different spin on golf.  We play a lot of 72-hole tournaments throughout the year and there’s a couple of match play events in there, but this obviously just throws it a little bit different in the mix there with the six holes and obviously the short pitch playoff hole as well.

The shoulder was going really well.  To be able to play 36 holes in Dubai the first time in four months was just nice to even be able to compete with no pain.  Then last week, Malaysia was the first time in five years I’ve not played on painkillers. So, there’s a lot of positives going forward, so now it’s just a matter of time of getting game ready, getting game sharp, and actually again looking more at the golf now instead of the body.  So hopefully that’s going to kind of go hand in hand really.  The better I move, the better the golf’s going to be and vice versa.

Tirawat Kaewsiribandit of Thailand

Tirawat Kaewsiribandit of Thailand

Tirawat Kaewsiribandit (Tha)

The conditions this week are great. The tournament has a nice golf course and the weather is kind. I played yesterday and experienced very strong winds. Nevertheless, my aim is to first make the cut. Anybody can win if they get to the knockout rounds, so that’s the main aim for me, to play on Sunday.

After finishing the tournament in Singapore, I was a bit sick and very tired. I played 27 holes in a day and the weather was hot. Now, I feel better. Everything is better, in fact. I’ll try my best to play well in this tournament for sure.

Johannes Veerman (Usa)

Johannes Veerman of Usa

Johannes Veerman of Usa

I really enjoy this tournament. It’s cool and unique and it’s fresh, as we play stroke play every week. This week, the number one goal is to make it to the top 24. Then, you get into the matchplay round and everyone has a chance to win once you are in the top 24. In stroke play, even if you make the cut, you may be too far off the lead with not much chances to win. But this is different. If you’re in matchplay, you have a chance. So that’s exciting.

There are only six holes, so you have to make something happen really quick. It’s not like in stroke play where you have 18 holes to differentiate yourself. You have to be a bit more aggressive. Also, you also have the advantage of seeing what your opponent does. But my main strategy would be to be more aggressive.

This course is so much fun to play. Plenty of doglegs and the greens are great. The course is in fantastic condition and I’m looking forward to playing on it.

My game is in a good place, although I still want to be advancing. I missed the cut in Singapore and Malaysia by a shot. If I’ve made those cuts, it’ll be a whole new different story. I’m playing fine, I’m playing great. I’m actually looking forward to this week as I feel like I’m nearly there.

Pavit Tangkamolprasert (Tha)

Pavit Tangkamolprasert of Thailand

Pavit Tangkamolprasert of Thailand

The format is pretty good. I’m from Thailand, and there aren’t many professional matchplay tournaments there. So, I’m looking forward to it. Many professionals want to have more matchplay tournaments, actually. For this tournament, I reckon it’ll always be a good fight between two players as there are only six holes, and, anything can happen.

I missed the cut on Saturday last year by a couple of shots, so this year, I hope to make it to Sunday. I’m a player who typically plays aggressively, so I think I should be quite good in matchplay. Let’s see what happens. Six holes? Should be fun.

This course is not that hard, but your game plan and putting must be good. If you hole your putt before your opponent, you’ll get a lot of confidence and put pressure on them.

My start is a little bit shaky, as my driving accuracy isn’t ideal. I’m trying to work on it. I changed my workout routine, so I’m a little stiff at the moment, but it’s getting better. This year, my aim is to play as much as I can and get into the top 60 on the Habitat for Humanity standings.