Four Seasons Golf Club Mauritius at Anahita


The Four Seasons Golf Club Mauritius at Anahita which was recently voted ‘best golf club overall’ in Mauritius at the inaugural Golfers’ Choice Rankings in Mauritius. This challenging golf course, designed by golfing legend Ernie Els, is a 6,828-meter, 18-hole, par-72 championship course with large fairways and five sets of tees.

Six stunning ocean front holes culminate in a final shot that is among the most spectacular in the world. Carefully woven into the tropical sanctuary, the course is set against lush mountains and fringed by a vast crystal-clear lagoon.

Hole-by-hole description

1st HOLE | 375 meters, par-4

This wonderfully picturesque Par 4 is much trickier than the yardage may suggest, wind plays a big straight into the mix with an opening hole that is no push-over. You’ve got to hit a good tee shot to avoid the deep fairway bunker on the right, so maybe go with a lofted-metal. The green slopes from left-to-right, so favour the left half with your approach shot and the ball should feed-in from there.

2nd HOLE | 532 meters, par-5

If you’re looking at the aggressive play off the tee, to set-up birdie or eagle chance, you’ll have to take on the wall with your tee shot. Up ahead at the green, a mango tree and bunker protect the right-hand side. Don’t go there. There’s a generous bail-out area in front and behind the green.

3rd HOLE | 413 meters, par-4

You’ll need to thread a straight tee shot down the fairway to avoid the many bunkers lying in wait. Favour the right side if anything, because the ball then feeds off the right-hand bunker, into the fairway, and that gives you a better look at the green. The right-hand side of the green is the smart side, too.

golf-34th HOLE | 517 meters, par-5

I love this tee shot. There are wonderful sweeping views of the Indian Ocean in the background and the wide fairway gives you a chance to get out the ‘big stick’. The wind is into your face, so you’ll need it. The approach shot is pretty tight. Feed it in from left-to-right for a two-putt birdie chance.

5th HOLE | 212 meters, par-3

I’m sure you can feel the right-to-left wind off the ocean, so make sure you allow for that and aim a little right of your intended target. It’s always best to work with the wind, not fight it. Club-up, as well. A tidal pond guards the front-right portion of the green, so no prizes for being short.

6th HOLE | 416 meters, par-4

It’s a strong par-4, this one, although the prevailing wind is at least in your favour. Get the ball in play with whatever club you feel most comfortable of hitting straight; you’re then looking at a mid-to-long iron into a narrow green with water and bunkers there to catch any stray shots.

7th HOLE | 406 meters, par-4

Again, a good placement shot off the tee is called for, ideally hugging the old Mango Orchard. That gives you a good look at the undulating green. You’ll have to watch the wind here; it’s often downbreeze and that can make it tough to control the spin. Long is the best ‘miss’ here.

8th HOLE | 233 meters, par-3

Over 200 meters in length and with a green surrounded by bunkers, this hole requires length and accuracy. A hybrid or fairway metal is the weapon of choice for most. The ball feeds in from the fairway into the mouth of the green, so a solid, straight shot should find the putting surface.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9th HOLE | 316 meters, par-4

I like a golf course to have a driveable par-4 and this is it; it is a classic risk-and-reward hole.

Anyone having a crack at the green has to negotiate the links-style ‘Burn’ rambling through the fairway. The further you hit it, the more the ‘Burn’ comes into play. It’s a tough drive or an easy lay-up.

10th HOLE | 350 meters, par-4

Another shortish par-4, this time played slightly uphill through the Coconut Grove. Length is not a major issue, so play your tee shot with a nod towards position, not power. The green is pretty small– nevertheless, it is a good birdie chance to set you on your way into the back nine.

11th HOLE | 429 meters, par-4

The fairway bunkers I’m sure have got your attention, but if you can find the short grass with your drive then the green is very much in range. You’ll want to go in there with some elevation, though, because the bunker guarding the front of the green is a nasty one – deep and best avoided, basically!

12th HOLE | 190 meters, par-3

Another good par-3, this time played into a strong right-to-left ocean breeze. Again, work with the wind, don’t fight it. There’s a bit of room for error up at the green, with a few bail-out areas. Little bump-and-run shots are the name of the game there. No real need for fancy lofted pitch shots.

Anahita-Golf-Hole-1713th HOLE | 502 meters, par-5

This is a long par-5 and it plays uphill, although the prevailing wind is at least in your favour. Hit the fairway and this is a realistic birdie chance. It’s a well-bunkered green, though, so if you’re not confident of making the carry, maybe lay-up to your preferred pitching distance.

14th HOLE | 419 meters, par-3

This is a classic golf hole with a dry-stone rock wall slanting across the fairway, determining your strategy. The more aggressive you are with your line, the further you have to carry the wall. Be honest with yourself and if you feel it’s a stretch, you can always play it as a simple three-shotter.

15th HOLE | 444 meters, par-4

This long par-4 has lovely sweeping views of the Bay and Bassine Lubine. Once you’ve got your drive away, you’re looking at a tough shot into a shallow green with deep bunkers guarding the front. It cries out for a high-flying, soft-landing shot, so for most golfers a hybrid is the smart choice.

16th HOLE | 418 meters, par-4

With views of Ile au Cerfs and the Bay in the background, this hole has a cluster of bunkers down the right-hand side, so favour the left side with your tee shot. The good news is, the left side gives you the best view of the green. It’s well-bunkered up there, though, so you need to be precise.

17th HOLE | 144 meters, par-3

I’ve played a lot of beautiful golf courses, but trust me it’s hard to beat the views of the Bay and

Indian Ocean as you walk from the 16th green to the 17th tee. It’s just stunning. You’ll like the look of this hole, too. It’s the shortest on the golf course and a definite birdie chance. Take dead aim.

18th HOLE | 512 meters, par-5

This is one of the best finishing holes that I’ve seen anywhere in the world. Strong hitters will see this as a birdie, maybe even an eagle opportunity, but going for the green in two shots is risky. There are still birdies to be had with a smart, three-shot strategy. And that’s always a nice way to finish any round!

Photo credits: Anahita The Resort