2012 Reflections with Kruger

Tue 15 Jan 2013

2012 Reflections with Kruger

July 15: This week, Asiantour.com catches up with South Africa’s Jbe Kruger to speak to him about his 2012 season as we continue our Reflections series with stars from the Asian Tour. Kruger won for the first time last year and went on to finish third on the Order of Merit.

Reflect on your 2012 season?

I started off great. I had a good season in the beginning but in mid-year, it wasn’t so good. I changed the grips in my clubs and it took me a really long time to get used to the new grips. I managed to get my game back towards the tail-end of the season. I could have done better if I putted better in the last few tournaments.

Highlight of the year?

Obviously my win at the Avantha Masters in India. I think just to win once in a season is enough after finishing second so many times in my career on the Asian Tour! You can’t be too ungrateful for the win.

What was the low point in 2012?

The last two to three months, I didn’t play very well. It wasn’t a very nice feeling.

If there is a shot that you can replay, which one would it be?
There have been too many! But I like to experience the win again. The last putt was probably the coolest.

What was your favourite tournament of the year?
Probably Avantha because that’s where I won but from a golf course perspective, I really enjoyed playing the Sentosa Golf Club (venue of the Barclays Singapore Open) as it’s such as wonderful and challenging venue.

What did you learn about yourself as a golfer?

Most of all, I think I learned about patience. I think that’s the one thing which I need to be better to perform better.

What will you work on during the season break?

I think patience for sure. I’m hitting it well. My short game isn’t that good but I can still manage it. Mentally, the way I’m thinking on the golf course, it’s not really great. I’m planning to see a sports psychologist to work on this.

Who do you think will be the next big star in Asia?

Jonathan Moore, maybe. I don’t know. He’s been knocking on the door quite a few times. He’s been performing quite consistently and I think he can definitely step up.

How did you reward yourself for a good season in 2012?

I don’t like to receive presents although I like to give them out. Time off during the break would be my best present.

About Jbe

Country: South Africa

Date Of Birth: June 23, 1986

Residence: Bloemfontein

Family: Single

Turned Pro: 2007

ASIAN TOUR VICTORY: (1) 2012 Avantha Masters, India.

PRO WINS: (2) 2010 Zimbabwe Open, 2009 Zambia Open.

AMATEUR WINS: 6 titles in South Africa.