About Wack Wack Golf and Country Club

Thu 15 May 2014

About Wack Wack Golf and Country Club

May 15: Wack Wack Golf & Country Club is one of the oldest golf clubs in the Philippines. It was founded in 1930 by a prominent American resident William J. Shaw. It was the home of the Philippine Golf Open Championships and site of numerous world golf events like the World Cup and others.

Aside from its classic course, the East Course, which will play host to the 2012 ICTSI Philippine Open, Wack Wack has also completed another 18-hole all-weather championship course, the West Course.

Wack Wack now prides itself as the only golf club with two championship courses in the heart of Metropolitan Manila. The Club maintains its original objective set by its founders, to utilize its luxurious courses towards the development of the sport of golf in the country and establish closer ties between all golfers regardless of ethnicity.
Why was Wack Wack built?
William J. Shaw was determined to build a golf club with the aim of promoting peace and harmony between golfers of all races. His decision to build Wack Wack was sparked by a six-year-old Larry Montes, who won the 1926 Philippine Open was not allowed to sit at the victory dinner because he was a caddy.
How did Wack Wack get its name?

The golf club was named from the squawks of crows that used to inhabit the land.
Card of the Course

Hole123456789 Out
Par444454434 36
Yardage422389355354586448348191435 3528
Hole101112131415161718 In
Par444544344 3672
Yardage401373485517453391210418446 36947222

Past Champions
2012: Mardan Mamat (Sin)2011: Berry Henson (Usa)2010: Artemio Murakami (Phi)2009: Elmer Salvador (Phi)2008: Angelo Que (Phi)
2007: Frankie Miñoza (Phi)
2006: Scott Strange (Aus)
2005: Adam Le Vesconte (Aus)
2004: Edward Michaels (USA)
2002: Rick Gibson (Can)
2001: Felix Casas (Phi)
2000: Gerald Rosales (Phi)
1999: Anthony Kang (USA)
1998: Frankie Miñoza (Phi)
1997: Kevin Wentworth (USA)
1996: Rob Whitlock (USA)
1995: Carlos Espinosa (Mex)
1994: Carlos Franco (Par)
1993: Yeh Chang-ting (Tpe)
1992: Wang Ter-chang (Tpe)
1991: Dennis Paulson (USA)
1990: Robert Pactolerin (Phi)
1989: Emlyn Aubrey (USA)
1988: Hsieh Chin-sheng (Tpe)
1987: Brian Tennyson (USA)
1986: Mario Manubay (Phi)
1985: Mark Aebli (USA)
1984: Rudy Labares (Phi)
1983: Lu Hsi-chuen (Tpe)
1982: Hsieh Min-nan (Tpe)
1981: Tom Sieckmann (USA)