Back 9 With Fraser

Fri 14 Dec 2012

Back 9 With Fraser

December 14: In this latest addition of Back 9, Marcus Fraser of Australia talks about his trusted putter, Greg Norman and winning a Major Championship.

1) How do you describe yourself as a golfer?

Pretty ordinary. I have a good putter and short game and that’s about it.

2) What’s your favourite golf club and why?

My putter because it gets me out of trouble all the time.

3) How do you relax away from golf?

Spending time with the family. I have two young kids and I enjoy spending time with them more than anything else.

4) Why did you turn professional?

There wasn’t much for me to do. I wasn’t good in school so I’m quite glad I got into golf.

5) What are three things you need to carry with you when travelling?

My laptop, phone and a few books. I usually carry a few things which are not related to golf.

6) Who was your golfing idol growing up?

Greg Norman. He did so much for golf in Australia and across the globe. That’s the reason why guys my age and the younger guys play the game.

7) Ultimate goal in golf?

To contend in a Major Championship and win it. Obviously, I got to get there first!

8) How has the Asian Tour impacted your career?

I love it because it is closer to home. I kind of prefer playing in Asia because it is so much easier for us travel. I have a lot of good friends here as well. I’ll continue playing in Asia for the rest of my career.

9) What’s your best moment in golf?

Winning the Ballantine’s Championship in Korea. That win definitely changed the way I look at the game and gave me the boost I needed.