Blog: Panuphol Aims to Shine

Wed 07 Nov 2012

Blog: Panuphol Aims to Shine

In this latest blog from the Barclays Singapore Open, Panuphol Pittayarat of Thailand, also known as ‘Coconut’, shares with us his thoughts on his title ambitions at the Lion City this week. Coconut also talks about how his unique nickname came about and how his siblings also have unique nicknames like him.I played well in India. I’m glad I got my money and my full Tour card for next year. I’ll still try to do better though and this week is going to be a good opportunity for me.
Having played well in India recently has definitely helped me gain a lot of confidence. It kind of took the monkey off my back. I can now go out there and do my best without any worries. I just have to concentrate on one thing when I go out there.

I’ve been practicing a lot last week, back at my home course, Black Mountain in Hua Hin. I hardly had any rest. Hopefully it will help prepare me for the week ahead.

I got the nickname ‘Coconut’ from my parents. It’s common for Thais to have nicknames and it’s not the kind of nicknames like what the Europeans have.  We call each other by our nicknames in Thailand. I have it since I was born. My parents didn’t want our nicknames to be the same as others. They wanted something special. My brother’s nickname is ‘Tambourine’, my sister’s nickname is ‘Lemon’ and I am the ‘Coconut’. It’s really different from what the others have and I think people can really remember us easily by our names.

Having played professional golf at a tender age of 14 has been quite an advantage for me. It has been about five years since I turned pro now and I’m glad I’ve had opportunities to play with good players like Richard Ramsay and Miguel Ángel Jiménez.

I used to be very excited about participating in big events and playing with top golfers. That was during the first few years when I just turned pro but right now, I don’t get that excitement anymore. It’s an advantage for me because I get to see these good players play. I know what to do to get up there and obtain the same standards.
Apart from golf, I like playing other sports as well, like soccer, badminton, etc. I don’t play a lot though as there are a lot of risks involved. I am into fitness and I like going to the gym as well.

I hope to play well for the first two rounds and make the cut this week. It’s my fourth year playing in the Barclays Singapore Open. I don’t usually keep a target but I do think of what I want to achieve every day. I wake up every morning and I will set a goal for myself. I guess I just have to stay focused and I should be fine.