Chris Rodger's blog: keeping it 'real'

Fri 28 Dec 2018

Chris Rodger's blog: keeping it 'real'


Hua Hin, Thailand, December 28: England's Chris Rodgers is enjoying life at the moment, but his insatiable thirst for competition has led him back to Qualifying School, where he has a shot of earning a Tour card for the 2019 season. 

By Chris Rodgers

It feels great to be back here on the Asian Tour!

I started playing here in 2002 and Asia has always been a big part of my life.

My fondest memory was winning the 2006 Qualifying School and then winning the Pakistan Open in the same month. Emerging victorious at any tournament on any Tour opens so many doors and earning an exemption was just fantastic. Right now, I'm focusing on earning a Tour card for next year.

Golf is in me since I was very small. Losing my Tour card in 2014 obviously hurt, as competing on the Asian Tour formed a big part of my life, and it was not there anymore.

The good thing was that I could move back to the United Kingdom, nearer to my parents. I also earned a university degree, built up a business and did things outside golf. Although, I still love and play golf.

Speaking of which, I played some good golf back in England and won quite a number of tournaments. I kept myself fit and played a lot.

My real estate business kept me busy, but I managed my time well, which allowed me to play more golf. In my opinion, real estate is the art of finding the property. After that, the rest is relatively easy.

I’ve also done some coaching and gym training with clients. Life is pretty good at the moment.

Although, I love to compete, I love to travel and I love to come out to Asia. It is a lovely place; the culture, weather and people. The Asian Tour has a warm family environment and I really enjoyed being here. I hope to play well over the next two days.