#CIMBClassic Rd 1 - What they said

Thu 20 Oct 2016

#CIMBClassic Rd 1 - What they said

Derek Fathauer (USA) – First round 64 (-8)
Q. Your thoughts on the day?
DEREK FATHAUER: Played really solid. Hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens, and no bogeys. So eight birdies, no bogeys, and it was a great day.
Q. What is your strategy for the next day?
DEREK FATHAUER: Try to keep doing the same thing. Playing somewhat conservative, not hitting a lot of drivers. I didn't play a practice round, so I'm just trying to keep the ball in play.
Q. What kind of challenge was the weather?
DEREK FATHAUER: I just need to drink and stay hydrated. I wasn't feeling too good towards the end of the round. It's getting hot out there. I don't think I drank enough water. Stay hydrated and keep the ball in the fairway.
Q. How about your competitors, what do you feel about them?
DEREK FATHAUER: They were great. Nice guys. A lot of fun to play with.
Q. Eight birdies and no dropped shots today, how do you feel about your performance?
DEREK FATHAUER: I feel great. I didn't play a practice round. This is my first time here, and I thought I did really well out there. To not make a bogey was pretty good.
Derek Fathauer of United States Derek Fathauer of United States
Q. And what were the conditions like for you?
DEREK FATHAUER: Pretty benign. Not a lot of wind. Everything's soft. The greens are good. Surprised there's not a whole lot of 8-unders, 7-unders. It was playing pretty easy out there.
Q. Did you find the weather, was it a big factor for you today?
DEREK FATHAUER: I'm from South Florida, so it's about as hot there. I do need to drink some more water. I probably only had two or three waters all day, so I'm going to go chug a few.
Q. You're well placed on the leaderboard. What's the game plan now moving forward?
DEREK FATHAUER: Just keep playing the way I've been playing. I think I'm playing a little more conservative than most guys. I'm not hitting driver that much. Seemed to work today and I'll kind of stick to my guns and see what happens.
Keegan Bradley – First round 64 (-8)
Q. You must be happy with your round today, 8-under.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I'm really happy. I played well from start to finish. I hit a little lull in the middle but finished up nicely.
Q. What were the conditions like today?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Very hot. They were great. Course is in great shape. Should be very proud of the golf course here.
Q. Are you used to playing in such shot weather?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Not this hot, but I live in Florida in the States and it gets hot. But this is extreme. This is really hot right now, yeah.
Q. The winning score last year was minus 26. Do you see yourself having to make that score to stand a chance this week?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, you're going to have to shoot low rounds every day. The course is in such good shape and the greens are so good, you're going to make a lot of birdies. This is a great start.
Q. Did you feel like the conditions changed from the morning to later?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Not really. It got hotter but conditions were really good for scoring. Not a lot of wind and greens were soft. It's good.
Q. Do you enjoy playing in this part of the world?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: I do. This tournament in Malaysia is incredible. They treat us really well and it's all fun to come back here.
Justin Thomas - First round 64 (-8) 
Q. Talk about your round today, 8-under par with only one bogey?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, it was a good day. It was solid. If there's such a thing as an easy 8-under, it was. I wedged it great. I took advantage of the first three par 5s. I just hit a terrible 3-putt on the first par 5, No. 3. But just kind of went along my business today. I was just very comfortable and I hit it in there close a couple times and made a couple putts but it was a pretty low-stress day.
Q. Your first opportunity to defend a championship on the PGA TOUR. What's it been like for you since you got here from the Safeway?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, game feels good. It does. But it's fun. I've never had the opportunity to defend before. Only other time I've won professionally was the Web.com and I wasn't there the next year.
So it's cool. It's fun being back and people know who I am or are just kind of, you know, hope you win this year kind of thing, too. It's been fun. It's been new but hopefully an experience I get to experience a lot.
Justin Thomas of United States Justin Thomas of United States
Q. You played at Alabama so you're used to the heat. Is it anything like this kind of heat and how do you deal with it? I asked Sergio the same question.

JUSTIN THOMAS: It's just different, man. It's very similar to Florida heat. It gets really hot in Louisville where I'm from, too, in the summers. But I feel like once it gets to about that 95, 100 heat index, it's all the same. We're wearing pants, we're sweating a lot and it's really just trying to maintain energy.
I felt really weird to start the day. I told Jimmy I felt kind of like Jello and I just felt weak, but I just tried to drink as many waters as possible.
I played well today. It was kind of an easy, low-stress day. I didn't make it too hard on myself. Whenever I got it out of play off the tee I managed to at least find the green. Made a lot of short putts out there, which can be tough to do sometimes on these greens. Yeah, it was a good day.
Q. How were the conditions out there today compared to 2015?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Well, it's the first time I felt wind here before. Obviously wasn't very strong but it was at least there. Made us think a little bit and had to flight some shots and kind of had to play for it a little bit.
Yeah, the course is very similar. The fairways are soft. The greens have a good firmness to them and yeah, it's in great shape.
Q. The good memories that came back to you today, did it feel like dÃjà vu?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Not really. It's only the first day. Obviously have a good memories here after last day. There's some spots, we had a lot of similar pins to Sunday last year and Jimmy and I kept talking about that, how the pins are very similar. I guess maybe a little bit with something like that. But just more so just focussed on the day.
Paul Casey (ENG) – First round 65 (-7)
Q. You finished the round with three birdies in a row, obviously you're on a bit of a roll. Just talk about your day.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, nice to finish that way, because stayed really patient. We know what the scoring is around here in the past. I think the last three years, I want to say it's like 12, 17 and 26 or something like that. You've got to think it's going to be low, again.
And you know, after kind of making a mess of the third hole, you know, you're 1-over, you're thinking, everybody is going to be like 6-, 7- 10-under par today. I just stayed patient and luckily it kind of came to me at the end, so it was really nice.
Q. Do you like playing an event where you need to make a lot of birdies?
PAUL CASEY: I do if I make a lot of birdies (laughs). I do if I like the golf course. I like this golf course. It's a fun golf course to play.
Yeah, I know I play really well on tough stuff, as well, but you know, you don't want every week to be a grind. I really like this. I like the way they set it up. Hopefully the sponsors do, too, because we love it. I think the crowd loves it.
Q. You said before the tournament that you like playing in the heat. Do you feel like your physical condition gives you an advantage over some guys? Does that come into play this week?
PAUL CASEY: I think so. I think so. I'm not used to the humidity being an Arizona guy, but yeah, I cope with the heat pretty good. Having lived in the desert for 20 years, I know how to hydrate; I know how to eat.
The aches and pains are not quite as painful when it's hot, as well. The arthritis and things like that are, you know, yeah, easy to warm up. You go out there for five minutes and you're ready to go, so I kind of like it.
Anirban Lahiri - First round 66 (-6) 
Q. A great round, except the two bogeys at the end. How do you feel?

ANIRBAN LAHIRI: I feel quite disappointed actually. You know, that front nine, I could have done a lot more and to finish the week like that is obviously a bitter taste in my mouth. But still a decent start. I would have liked to definitely be a couple shots better, if not three. But it's one of those courses where you have to just keep making birdies and keep going low. We saw what happened last year. Good start.
Q. To have a streak like that on your front nine must make you feel quite confident.

ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Yeah, I'm definitely in a good place mentally. It just depends on how long I can sustain it. I had it going pretty much all day and just a couple of loose shots in the end that cost me but it could easily have been a couple of shots better. I have to just try and sustain that over the next 54 holes to give myself a good shot on Sunday.
Anirban_Lahiri of India Anirban_Lahiri of India
Q. Do you feel like you're riding the momentum from last week?

ANIRBAN LAHIRI: I definitely felt like that when I started out, but this is a different tournament. This is a fresh start and all the scores are level when you tee it up on Thursday morning.
You know, I've just got to take it one round at a time, whatever happens behind me, but obviously there's a good, solid amount of confidence coming into this week and I just need to play with that for the rest of the event.
Q. What was the highlight of the year for you?

ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Well, I'd like a highlight to come. It hasn't been a great year for me. I haven't won this year. A couple of disappointing seconds at the Indian Open and then last week. You know, I'm hoping that I can finish on a high.
Sergio Garcìa – First round 67 (-5)
Q. Great round, 67, I think you're going to need a few more of those if you're going to have a chance to compete. Tell me about your round today. What was working for you?
SERGIO GARCIA: I think the best thing was that I went bogey-free, which is always nice. I felt like I played okay, not great. Obviously I did struggle a little the last four or five holes with the heat and the jet-lag and a little bit of a headache and stuff but those things happen in this heat and you just have to make sure that you keep nice and hydrated. It's a good start.
Q. You've won multiple times in Asia and you enjoy playing down here. How do you deal with the heat, and it's pretty oppressive right now.
SERGIO GARCIA: It's tough. I don't think there's a formula obviously. You have to drink a lot, which I do, but just there's so much heat just kind of condensed in your whole body throughout the day that sometimes it feels like you're going to explode.
You know, it was a little bit of breeze which made it a little bit better, but Asian heat is always like this.
Q. You've had the all-star Ryder Cup group today for you, what was it like playing with Patrick Reed and Ryan Moore and after your experience at The Ryder Cup, because you had a phenomenal match obviously with Phil Mickelson?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was great. I played with them plenty. It feels like I played with Patrick Reed every other week this year. With Ryan, I've also played quite a bit this year.
I like them both. They are great guys. They are playing well. Obviously Ryan didn't have the best of days but Patrick came back after the double.
Q. How do you feel about your round?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was a nice round. Obviously bogey-free, it's always good to do, any course you play.
My swing felt okay. Not great. I hit some really nice shots but I hit others that maybe are not quite as good. Overall, I was quite consistent. I made three or four nice par putts, which that's always nice, and then I took care of a couple chances when I had them. It was good overall.
Q. The winning score last year was minus 26. Do you think we'll see a similar situation this year?
SERGIO GARCIA: It depends a little bit on the weather. I think the course is a tiny bit firmer than it was last year, so that might make it not as easy as it was. I think that still, the winning score is still going to be somewhere around the 20s, unless it gets really windy. We'll see.
Q. This has been quite a year, winning on the PGA TOUR and then The Ryder Cup, what would you say is the highlight?
SERGIO GARCIA: It's been a good year. It's been a solid year so far. I think winning the Byron Nelson again was great. I think there's no doubt, The Ryder Cup is always fun, even though we didn't manage to win this one. It's been great. I had a couple really good majors, major finishes, U.S. Open and British Open. So overall, it's been great.
Q. We are approaching the end of the year now. Do you have any plans for Christmas?
SERGIO GARCIA: Relax. Yeah, go back to Switzerland, go back to my house in Crans Montana and enjoy the snow and the cold and just relax. We're look forward to it.
Gavin Green (Mas) – First round 71 (-1)
Q. 1-under, thoughts on the day?
GAVIN GREEN: I got off to a little shaky start, but I kind of recovered well. Kept myself in play and I just missed a bunch of putts out there. I misread them and I think a little bit of the jet-lag kind of kicked in. Under par round, no practice round, it's okay. I'll take it.
Still got three more days. I'll just stay positive and we'll just move on.
Q. Would you describe your eagle on the fifth.
GAVIN GREEN: It was a decent tee shot. I kept it in play. You know, second shot, just put it in the middle of the green and saw the putt. I didn't expect the eagle, but you know, I just thought, give it a chance. If not, then you make birdie. Just lucky enough, it went in. And then back nine, I didn't make much putts. I struggled a little bit on the back nine, yeah.
Q. Game plan for tomorrow?
GAVIN GREEN: Same. Just attack.
Q. Struggled with the par 3s today?
GAVIN GREEN: A little bit. We miss-clubbed a couple and misjudged the wind a little bit, but it's okay.
Q. Is there any holes that you could have done better?

GAVIN GREEN: The par 3s I think. I struggled a little bit, but I'll get it tomorrow.
Q. What would you say is the positive for the round today?

GAVIN GREEN: Under par is always good, especially fly back -- going to get an early flight home. It was all right. I just tried to rest as much as I can and that's all I'm going to try to do now.
Q. Will you be out on the putting green?

GAVIN GREEN: Yeah, I'll hit a little bit, and then I'll putt a little bit and then I'll go home.