#FijiIntl Rd 3 What They Said

Sat 19 Aug 2017

#FijiIntl Rd 3 What They Said


Wade Ormsby of Australia Wade Ormsby of Australia

Fiji, August 19: Read what players have to say following the penultimate round of the Fiji International on Saturday.

Wade Ormsby (Aus) – Third Round 66 (-6), Total 206 (-10)

It was a bit of a surprise coming up the last, I hadn’t seen too many leaderboards for the day but obviously very happy with it.

I didn’t think I would be in that position after seven holes, I was getting a bit frustrated but the putter started to get a bit hot so I started to move in the right direction.

I think everyone who has played golf knows that when the putts start dropping you get happier out there. I had Richard on my bag and he was just saying to try and stay cool, so that happened and I made a tonne of birdies.

I heard a lot of stories about how hard it can blow here and I think I have played it in all different conditions this week. On Tuesday, it blew in this direction then after Wednesday it went back to normal prevailing wind. You just have to play each shot as it comes and try to control you ball as well as you can.

I have done a pretty good job striking it this week, which is important around a place like this when the wind gets up.

I have led one and I won that. You obviously learn every time you play and you’re around the front so I am always trying to learn that little bit more. Even at 37, you are always learning how to manage yourself and your emotions.

I feel like I am playing quite solid, I haven’t made many bogeys for the week and once I got my putter going I really started moving forward. I feel like I can keep doing what I am doing, it will just be if other guys get going as well and chase me.

There are a few tricky holes out there; I think 16 is one that has been spoken about a lot. It has a raised green and tricky tee shot. The rest there is enough room to play your normal game so we will see what tomorrow brings.

Stiffing an iron shot on 10, a 7iron to a couple of feet. My caddy told me to get a wriggle on, that I was playing good, which I wasn’t really believing. To stuff it in there pretty close was nice. That really got me thinking about the top of the leaderboard rather than just trying to work myself into a good position. I think that is really important.

Scott Vincent of ZimbabweScott Vincent of Zimbabwe

Scott Vincent (Zim) – Third Round 68 (-4), Total 209 (-7)

I started well with a birdie on the first. It’s always nice to get to a quick start like that. I just felt like I played really solid. I hit a lot of greens and fairways and I put myself in a lot of good positions. I put myself in under-par and ended up with a four-under. It was a good day.

My flight mates James (Marchesani) and Rahil (Gangjee) were making a lot of birdies out there too. It was nice feeding off each other out there. It was good to see. When you see the ball goes in, I think it helps you.

It’s been nice here in Fiji. I love it. It’s unbelievable. It’s nice to get a day with not much wind as well. I thought the scores were going to be a lot lower. I think that’s everyone’s expectations. It’s surprising that we don’t see many guys in the double digits but I’m happy with where I am.

The year’s been ok. I played a lot of golf. Hopefully I am moving in the right direction. It’s always good to play well in a big tournament like this. It’s great that we get play against these guys from the other two Tours. It’s a great opportunity.

The season on the Asian Tour has been pretty slow. I played really well last year but this year, it hasn’t been as good but hopefully we’re headed in some good form and we can finish the season well. It’s a good position to be in right now so hopefully I can finish off well and cap a good result tomorrow.

Scott Hend of Australia Scott Hend of Australia

Scott Hend (Aus) – Third Round 72 (even par), Total 209 (-7)

It was a frustrating day out there. I missed only two greens but made only two birdies today. I just couldn’t make putts. Hopefully I can make some tomorrow. The conditions were actually quite nice today. It was nice and warm. Everything was great.

I just couldn’t get the hang of the greens today for some reasons. Hopefully that will come to me tomorrow. I might go and hit a few putts now and see what’s going on. We will just have a go again tomorrow. It was nice to finish with two straight birdies on 17 and 18 to get back to even par.

Gavin Green (Mas) – Third Round 73 (+1), Total 210 (-6)

It was a rough and grinding day for me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I hung in there well. I am still within striking distance.

I had a couple of unlucky breaks today. The flyer on the seventh hole which led to a bogey and a good shot on the ninth and finished up in the hazard also ended up with bogey.

It was a hard one to take in but I stayed as patient as I could out there. Tomorrow is a brand new day and we will see how it goes.

Rahil Gangjee (Ind) – Third Round 70 (-2), Total 211 (-5)

It was really frustrating out there. There was no wind today. I hit some bad shots and it’s very disappointing to bogey 16 and 18 coming in. It’s one of the worse finishes. I got off to a good start and I was hoping to capitalize on it but unfortunately, I didn’t.

I hit a really good second shot from the bunker on the 10 but the wind just stopped and my ball went into the bunker. I didn’t make up and down there. It kind of kills the momentum when a potential birdie becomes a bogey.

Overall, I am just really frustrated with the conditions out there today. My ball came up short on the 16 after the wind changes on us.

I drove it onto the fairway on the first, hit a rescue and made two putts for birdie on first. It was a good start.

Phachara Khongwatmai (Tha) – Third Round 68 (-4), Total 212 (-4)

I putted really well today, except for a few holes. I three-putted on my first hole which was the 10th hole but I managed to gain it back with a birdie on 12. I gained some confidence and momentum over there. The round got better when I birdied 15 and eagled 17 to turn in 33.

The 17th hole is quite short. I hit a two-iron for my second shot because the wind kind of changed today. It went about 235yards in the wind and I sank a 15-footer for eagle there. I birdied that hole in the first two rounds.

The other birdies were made from five or six footers today. Putting was key for me. It wasn’t too hard for me today because I started in the morning which was not as windy. I think the wind’s going to get stronger this afternoon.

I wasn’t thinking much out there. I just play shot by shot. Unfortunately I didn’t finish off well. I didn’t drive the ball well on the eighth. I hit it into a bunker and made bogey but I told myself it’s ok because I still have one more hole to go.

Unfortunately I didn’t get lucky on the par-five ninth. I hit it too far left and went out of bound. It’s alright. This is golf. I will continue to do the same things tomorrow.