Fung Blog: Trying to be more focused

Wed 09 Mar 2016

Fung Blog: Trying to be more focused


By Nicholas Fung

My swing is a bit off after the Perth International. I took the week off last week, trying to figure it out. I’m having trouble with the driver which is going two ways. I’m trying to fix it this week but thankfully the fairways here are a bit wide and there’s no rough. I’ll try to get out there and keep it tight and rely on my short game.

I’ll try to get the feel back. I’m hitting it great with the irons, so it’s not a swing problem. I’ll try to work on the short game so that when the driving comes back, everything will be perfect.

My record here is not very good. I had to withdraw from the King’s Cup in 2014 as I fell ill and then I missed the cut by one shot in this tournament last year. I made a silly mistake back then. There was no preferred lie last year but somehow I picked the ball up on one hole as there’s always preferred lie when we play. I had a one-shot penalty and missed the cut by one!

But so far this season, it’s been my best start to the year. I normally struggle in the first six months so this is a good sign for me. I’ll try to wrap up my Tour card by June and hopefully I can just go out to try and get my first Asian Tour win. It’ll be nice to not have the pressure of trying to keep your card.

I still want to improve on my putting. It’s not bad but it’s not consistent. One day it can be good but another day can be bad. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with my technique. It’s more on my mind.

Last week, I had a lesson with a mental coach who teaches you to use a “Focus Band” which you wear on the head. When I play golf, it seems that I’m using more of my left brain which says I’m thinking too much over the shot.

Maybe I’m thinking of the technique. At this stage after being a pro for so many years, I don’t think we need to think about the skill anymore. I’m trying to keep my mind more relaxed on every shot. The Focus Band is good to be used before your practice sessions, it puts your mind at ease and not think too much on the golf course.

Wish me luck this week.