#QueensCupGolf - What they said

Tue 14 Jun 2016

#QueensCupGolf - What they said


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Siddikur Rahman (Ban)

I always like to come back to Samui. I am inspired to be back here. In my pro career, this was the place where I did good in 2010. I had my first top-10 here and then I went on to win in Brunei. I have good memories about this place and I’m looking forward to the week ahead.

I like this kind of golf course, it’s tight and narrow. It’s also windy out there and it suits my game. I believe that’s the reason why I always play well here.

Every time I come here, I will have some time to enjoy some sight-seeing and the food. It’s a nice place to come to. Last year, my wife came with me for a holiday and it’s a great place to stage a tournament.

My game is feeling much better. I’m practicing a lot. I struggled a bit a few years back but now, I’m enjoying my golf. I’m not 100% with my back problem but I’m comfortable now that I can enjoy the golf again. I have to do the exercises for my back every day. It will never cure and I need to work out every day to ensure the back is okay.

The L4 and L5 were compressed which caused pain from the hip to the toe several years ago. There’s no symptoms there now and I can afford to practice more.

I wasn’t too disappointed in Mauritius (where he finished second). At the start of the week, my goal was to finish top-10, top-15. End of the week, I was there to win but I couldn’t do it. I guess that’s part of the game. Mentally, I maybe couldn’t tolerate the pressure. I played well with the exception of the 16, 17 and 18 holes. I’m not disappointed at all. I felt hurt, the last three holes I had a good chance with a three shot lead. But after a while, I thanked God that I could finish second. I jumped up the Order of Merit and I also got back into the Olympic qualifying frame. I think I should be safe now for the Olympics.

SINGAPORE_300116_LIANG_WEN_CHONG_013Liang Wen-chong (Chn)

It’s my first time coming to play in Samui. I want to keep my Asian Tour card. The prize earning is not a problem but I need to play the minimum of eight tournaments to be on the Merit list at the end of the year, so that’s why I’m here.

The game is feeling good. When you win tournaments, everything is good. This time, I’m looking to regain my putting feel. That’s very important. My ball striking has been good which I’m happy about. Finished top-10 at the Shishido Hills in Japan and third in Singapore earlier in the year which were good results for me.

It was good to see Wu Ashun win in Austria last week, also good for China golf. It was the first time a Chinese player had won on European soil and then before that, Zhang Lian-wei won on the seniors tour in Wales. Hopefully this will encourage more young players to win on the international tours.

My plan is to play in the Olympic Games. All players wish to play in the Olympic Games and hope it will help China golf to grow further and promote the sport. Li Hao-tong won the China Open this year and with Wu winning in Austria, that’s very good for the Chinese team. We’re getting stronger.

We certainly need more players which will be good for the future of the game. Zhang and I have worked hard over the past 10 years and more and it’s good to see young players coming up the ranks. They’ve played well and it’s good to see.

I’m working hard as I want to join the Olympic Games. We are trying to represent China and I’ll be happy if the strongest players represent our country. Li and Wu are now the top-two but if you work hard, anything can happen. In 2010, I was ranked as high as 57th in the world and form goes up and down. I never give up and will keep trying. Golf is my life and I’ll try to make it happen.

After this week, I’ll be playing in three more tournaments in Japan. So I still have a chance to get into the win. Important for me to keep my focus and to keep my heart stable. Just focus on my golf.

To get into the Olympics, it’s not about your personal gains. It’s for the country. It will promote golf further in China. I’m not thinking about our own game. We now have strong players and I feel whoever gets to Rio will have a chance to win a medal for China. We have shown that we can win a medal which will give China a good reputation in golf.

Rahil Gangjee of India Rahil Gangjee of India

Rahil Gangjee (Ind)

It doesn’t matter what the prize purse we play here. Everybody loves coming to Samui. This place is amazing. You have to be on your game to play on this golf course. There are so many calculations going on. You have to hit shots off sloppy lies. If you have a flat lie, you’re on tee. I’ve had a few top-10s here, but this place has been blowing hot and cold for me. It treats me well and then it treats me badly! But this year, I’m feeling good.

I guess I’ve been working with my psychologist and we’ve done something which have helped me post-shot. Things like how I handle my reaction, that’s helped me stay calmer on the golf course. The game is good, I’ve been putting decently for a while.

It’s been a year now working with this psychologist. There’s a lot of neuro linguistic stuff, a lot of hypnosis which I’ve done before. My previous psychologist for a hypnotist. We get into a deep relaxation state and feeding you with positive sentences. You’re still in control but your mind accepts instructions easier.

Once you get used to it, he can pull your hand and say “sleep” and you’re in that state and you choose to be in that state. At no point of time you lose control and you chose to be in that state.

I’m working with Jay Lee Nair, who is based in Singapore. I needed a system put in place. There are questions which I ask and it’s answered. I speak to her regularly on the phone and rarely face to face.