Round two: What they said #HIO2018

Fri 09 Mar 2018

Round two: What they said #HIO2018


Emiliano Grillo (Arg) Second Round 68 (-4), Total 133 (-11)

It was pretty similar to yesterday, although I made a few more birdie putts in round one. Today, I have also hit plenty of fairways and greens. I thought that I played the round very well. Hopefully, I can find my putter a bit more tomorrow, like how it was on day one and with that, I can keep climbing up the leaderboard.

It’ll be the same, which is to hit fairways and greens! I’ll have the same mentality whether I’m six shots ahead or behind.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it. When I practised on Tuesday and played the pro-am on Wednesday, I was telling myself that I’ll be in a good position if I can just shoot under par every day. Hopefully, I can keep my form going. I’ve done well over the past two days and I can’t ask for more. Today, I hit some bad putts, but I think I’ll be fine.

I’m just going to work a bit more my putting and hit a few more drives. I’ll be looking to playing the weekend rounds like how I did in rounds one and two.

Shubhankar Sharma (Ind) Second Round 64 (-8), Total 137 (-7)

Today’s round will definitely rank up there as one of my most significant achievements, especially when it is played at this course. This is a tough course and it is not easy to go low here. I’m very happy with the way I played. I shot a few low numbers in my career and this one is right in my top five.

I know I had to get a good start. I normally try to do as best as I can on the front nine. I did my best, but it was still two-under-par. But I was hitting it well, even though the back nine is tougher than the front nine, I knew I could still make birdies.

If you told me I would be seven-under-par going into the weekend after being five-over-par on my opening nine holes (10th to 18th) yesterday, I would just have laughed. To be able to bounce back is really important, I knew I was playing well and I had to push myself a little. In the morning, I told myself that I have momentum on my side. I just need to foot on the pedal and keep on going.

My highlights are all from the back nine. My second shot on the 10th, which landed about a foot from the hole, started it all. That was a very tough pin. The birdie putt on the 12th hole was huge as well.

I knew the course record is seven-under-par. To hold the record on my home course would be mean a lot to me. That was why, I decided to go for the green.

The crowd was fantastic. I always enjoy playing in front of the home crowd.

I’m just going to play the way that I’ve always been playing. I’m just going to have fun. I know I’m playing well and I have nothing to lose.

Pablo Larrazabal (ESP) Second Round 67 (-5), Total 138 (-6)

I played great. The front nine I played great golf. I put myself in a lot of birdie chances. The tee shots on ten and 11 were a little unexpected. I probably lost a bit of concentration on the tenth. When you have a bad swing on this golf course with the next swing you make you never know what will happen.

The pins on the back nine were very tough and the wind – there’s not a lot of wind but it’s switching around all the time. To hit to those little spots that the flag is in, it’s very tough to put it close. A good example was 17. I hot one of the best shots of the day and ended up with an impossible up and down to make. You have to take it. This is the toughest golf course we play. Red numbers are awesome.

Patience is key. Big time. You don’t see too much wind out there but it’s switching. Three or four meters makes a lot of difference in this golf course. You have to keep patient. When you don’t hit a great shot and you have a 20 or 30 foot putt, you try to hit a good putt. Go to the next, make pars and try to use the par fives to your advantage, try to make birdies there. To finish under par is great.

It’s not the same going in six behind or five behind the leader. We all know that Grillo is a super, top-class player. He should be in the top 20 in the world. He doesn’t know how good he is. I like to go and play against the best in the world and he is one. I’m ready for the challenge.

The golf course will be at least one or two shots tougher over the weekend. There are some tough flags out there and they will move a couple of tees back. I’m ready for the challenge. I love the challenge. I love to go over the weekend and attack this tough golf courses and see what’s going on.

Keith Horne (Rsa) Second Round 73 (+1), Total 139 (-5)

Today was a bit of a struggle. I was a little tensed up over the first six holes. I loosened up after that, as I hit some good shots that unfortunately weren’t rewarded. I have also made a couple of mistakes. It has been an up-and-down day and I made a lot of saves to keep it going. It was a very different round compared to the first day.

For round one, I thought that I was in control. Today, it was a grind. I let a few chances go and at the same time, made a few chances. All in all, five-under-par after two days on this golf course is a good position to be in.

All the holes were very scary. I hit a good putt on the seventh hole today, which settled me down and got me back into the zone for the day. The fear does motivate me. You have to concentrate on every single shot, as a bad shot can spell disaster. You tend to focus a lot. The challenge is to find a balance while you are out there.

Casey O’Toole (Usa) Second Round 66 (-6), Total 140 (-4)

I played really well yesterday, but let the round get away from me a little bit. Today, I played solid again. I hit a lot of really good shots. I’m very pleased for my first two rounds.

The conditions were quite calm today, similar to yesterday. I just thought that I played solid and minimised mistakes. I didn’t get into a lot of bad spots. I also think that my short game saved me on many occasions, which is good to see as I’ve been working very hard on that aspect of my game. My short game has really been the difference.

At hole four, I hit a good drive, followed by a hybrid that landed about four feet from the hole. I then sunk the putt for eagle. That was a bonus there. I was just trying to hit it into the bunker or just beside of the green, then do a chip-and-putt.

I’m very honoured and happy to be asked as an ambassador for Habitat for Humanity. In fact, this week after the tournament on Monday, we’ll be meeting the families that the organisation has helped. I’m really looking forward to it.

Jeunghun Wang (Kor) Second Round 71 (-1), Total 140 (-4)

The pin positions today were more challenging compared to yesterday. I think I hit the ball badly and I wasn’t putting as well as I wanted to. I three-putted at holes seven and eight, which was disappointing. However, despite my putting woes, I am very happy with a one-under-par today. Hopefully, I can play better tomorrow.

For this course, I think the approach is to defend. It’s narrow, with hazards all around. The greens are tough, too. I’ll just try to avoid making bogeys.

I remembered the fourth hole, where it’s always challenging. But I found out that if you adopt a safety-first strategy, you can make birdies, which was what I did.

Khalin Joshi (Ind) Second Round 68 (-4), Total 140 (-4)

To go bogey-free on this course is extremely pleasing. My short-game was unreal today. I made all putts from a range of five feet. I also made some terrific par-saves from the bunker. I missed just one fairway.

My game has been in good shape so I just needed a solid game-plan heading into today’s round. I sat down with my coach Gaurav Dewan who is here this week and chalked out my game-plan. The plan was to play conservative and stay out of trouble. It worked well for me.

The chip from 55 feet on the second that landed within inches of the flag was my best par-save of the day. The birdie on the seventh was also special as I landed it within a foot of the pin.

Gavin Green (Mas) Second Round 73 (+1), Total 142 (-2)

Today wasn’t very good. There were too many big numbers on my scorecard. I didn’t hit it very well today, and I paid the price. I’ve made the weekend rounds and I still in with a chance, but I’ve got to work out my game, especially off the tees. I was put out of position after my drives. So, if I can sort that out, I should be fine.

The jet lag is still affecting me a little bit. I’m trying my best to fight it off. For sure, I’ll be taking a good rest today.