#RWMMasters2016: What they said

Tue 08 Nov 2016

#RWMMasters2016: What they said


Mardan Mamat of Singapore Mardan Mamat of Singapore

Manila, November 8: Read what likely contenders have to say ahead of their challenge at this week's Resorts World Manila Masters.

Natipong Srithong (Tha)

That win has shaped my life. It has given me lots of playing opportunities and also a two-year winner’s exemption on the Asian Tour. I was confident of winning the tournament last year. I was hitting the ball very well and I had a good feeling about the golf course. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself and was solely focused on playing each hole at a time. I was trailing Kruger by four shots at one stage but managed to reduce it and eventually win by one-shot. Looking back, the par-three 17 was a decisive hole for me. I looked at that putt and knew I had to birdie that hole. Thankfully I sank that putt from 30 feet and went on to win the title.

Mardan Mamat (Sgp)

I was thinking of quitting professional golf if I had not won the Resorts World Manila Masters in 2014. I would probably have set up an academy and become a coach to the younger generation of players. That win brought back that much-needed confidence which is always key to this game. I won another tournament after that victory here and it has been good so far. The course conditions are pretty much the same but the rough around the greens are higher this year and it’s not easy to get up and down if you miss the greens. A lot depends on the wind as well. If it blows, it’ll be tough. I was very impressed by the kids’ singing and they are really very talented children.

Miguel Tabuena of Philippines  during the Prees Conference Miguel Tabuena of Philippines during the Prees Conference

Miguel Tabuena (Phi)

This has obviously been my best year as a professional by far. It’s always tough playing on home soil as there’s that added pressure of performing at the highest level. But I’ve been telling myself to treat it as any other event on the Asian Tour and not to have any negative thoughts. I’ve prepared well and I believe I have the game to excel this week. I know this is my best chance of being the first local player to lift the trophy at the end of the week. The key for this week is to drive the ball well and keep it on the fairways.

Pavit Tangkamolprasert (Tha)

I gained a lot of confidence from Macao and I hope I can maintain that form coming into this week. I think the winning score would be around 15-under-par. The key is not to miss the fairways this week because if you do, it’ll be very tricky to hit it back from the rough. I was really impressed by the cast of Annie last night. They sang beautifully and it was perfect, impressive.

Pavit Tangkamolprasert of Thailand Pavit Tangkamolprasert of Thailand

Chan Shih-chang (Tpe)

I’m looking at a top-three result this week. The gap between Scott and I is quite big but nothing is impossible, there’s still a chance. Those wins have given me a huge confidence boost but I feel I’m beginning to suffer from a burnout from playing too many events. I’ve got to learn to pace myself. I was playing for seven straight weeks in a row and was feeling the fatigue in Shanghai already. I had a good break at home last week and I’m feeling better already.

Mithun Perera (Sri)

I’ve been playing well at this event over the last three years. It favours not only the long hitter but also the short hitters. So it’s really exiting to be back as I need an event like this to boost my rankings on the Order of Merit. I was leading after 54 holes in the first year and finished eighth. Last year, I finished tied 18th. I feel like I’ve been playing well but struggling with my distance. This is a good track and I’m expecting myself to do well this week.

Scott Barr (Aus)

I didn’t start the year well so this week’s important for my playing status in 2017. I just have to press on as I’m playing pretty well. You never know, that win may just come on Sunday. I’m hitting the ball very well and I’ve set myself a few targets which I hope I’m close to achieving.