SAIL-SBI Open Rd 1 - What they said

Wed 26 Feb 2014

SAIL-SBI Open Rd 1 - What they said



This is my best round. It was really important for me. I’ve been trying to shoot double digits and I’ve been close in the past. I’ve managed it now, I’m really happy. It’s my lowest career round. I was 10 under after 16 holes and nearly holed my putt on 17. I already decided on 16 that if I made birdie there, I would try to go for a 59. But on 17, I took the wrong club, hit it past the falg and had a really good putt and just missed it. I had a good second shot with a three wood into the par five 18 and was a bit short and two putted for birdie.

Delhi Golf Club is like my second home. I was born here, I started playing here and it’s always a special place for me. My uncle was the club pro here and I had the privileges to practice here because of him.

I played five tournaments on the Asian Tour last year and managed to make my card on the Asian Tour (finishing 40th on the Order of Merit). Starting this year, I was pretty confident I would do well but I never expected to start with a 61. My target is to win a tournament here. Let’s see if it comes this week or later. I’ll be really focused.

I used to get angry during the round but not anymore. I know you have to be calm to play good golf. Last year, I started with a 72 and then shot an eight under to get into tournament and made a six under on the last day to get into the play-off. But I’ve got a poor play-off record and lost. I wasn’t disappointed as it was a good result and helped me to earn my card.

Hit a rescue on 14 to about 12 feet to make my eagle. Longest putt was about 20 feet on 13. I’ve started hitting fade shots compared to drawing the ball which has helped my game. Ashok Kumar (Indian pro) has been helping me in this aspect and it’s been working. I’ve been pleased with my progress since turning professional, finishing third, second and then first on the PGTI Order of Merit and I’ve also earned my Asian Tour card for this season.


I had a really good start from the 10th hole, the second shot into the green was a given birdie. Overall, I had five birdies, one eagle and a bad bogey. Six under in my first event of the 2014 season, I’m happy. Some of the tees were in the front which made things a bit easier but still you need to hit a lot of fairways and keep to regulation play. I need to keep it going for the next three days.

Last three weeks have been so good for me. Every week I’ve had eight under rounds and I had the confidence to bring into this week’s tournament. I had a good start today with a six under and hopefully I can keep doing well. Rashid is a good player and he’s started with such a deep round. Hopefully I can give him a fight. My goal is to win an Asian Tour event, so hopefully it can happen this week.

Scott Barr of Australia Scott Barr of Australia


I played well. Hit it pretty well all day and holed a few putts. I might have messed up a couple of holes but generally I was pleased. The course has been set up short due to the condition of some of the tees and it’s not been the normal layout. I hit it well but I can do a few things a bit better. As a package, it was good and I’m in a good position although I didn’t expect someone to shoot the lights out. It was a spectacular round (by Rashid Khan).

I’ve been busy with my barbeque business which has been going fantastic (where he sells barbeque sets). It’s turning out to be a good business and I’ve been spending time with the family and also helping out with my golf club and doing stuff with the members. I’ve also been doing some commentary work on TV for the Accenture Match Play which was a lot of fun. That’s basically have consumed every hour of my day in the past month and a half.

I’m still quite keen to play this year. I’ve been working on my game pretty well when I can. I sort of moved away from the technique that I’ve been using for the past few years and started to work on something a bit more different. I’ve changed a couple of things and I’m pleased with the progress.

Technically, there are flaws that I’ve practiced my way through them. I can’t practice as hard as before but what I want to do is to ensure I practice on the right things. The mental part of the game is critical component for me and yes, I’ve looked into that although I’m not going to be giving anything away here!


It was great with seven birdies and two bogeys. I really enjoyed it today. A lot of good birdies. Should have been more under as I missed a few short putts. My putting was so good and it could have been better.

I kept recalling back my Hero Indian Open win. I kept thinking about the rhythm which I had that week. I saw that Rashid Khan had shot an 11 under round. We’ve seen a few tournaments with this sort of low scores in the first day but at the end of the week, they don’t normally win. It can happen and it has happen in the past.

My plan is five under every day. If I can get to 20-under, I might have a chance to win but if I don’t it doesn’t matter.

Prom Meesawat of Thailand Prom Meesawat of Thailand


I played solid without a bogey today but I left a few putts for birdie chances short. I’m happy with the start as I’m under par. They moved a few tees forward on the par threes which makes it easier to hit the green for birdies. The par threes here are normally dropped shots holes, so today they were playing a lot easier. I’m swinging it good. On this course, you need to put the ball in good position and try to make the putts.


I was disappointed with the way I played the back nine. I thought I had a decent round going after the front nine. I managed to just miss it by that little bit which I shouldn’t. Missed by two or three yards and it cost me a lot of shots.

Hit some terrible shots on the back nine. Given how I hit it, I could have holed a few more putts. I just didn’t hole anything on the back nine. A bit disappointed I couldn’t make up ground on the back nine.

Those bogeys on the back nine were just criminal. On 11, I hit a terrible second shot and on 13, missed it by about two yards. That’s okay. I’ll take a two under for a bad round.

It was a phenomenal round, hats off to Rashid. That’s an incredible round of golf. It’s a good thing that it’s come at this time of the season. He’s done a lot of great things on the Indian Tour and he almost won last year unfortunately losing to me in a play-off here. Good that he’s done it in the first event of the year. Great to see.

I think I just lost momentum and concentration a little bit on the back nine. I was just not playing as well as I should have. If you make those 10, 12 footers, it keeps your round moving in a positive direction. I didn’t have it, it was like an energy loss when you miss putts. It’s alright, tomorrow is another day and I’ll have to shoot really low tomorrow.