#VenetianMacaoOpen Rd 3 - What they're saying

Sat 15 Oct 2016

#VenetianMacaoOpen Rd 3 - What they're saying


Chikkarangappa S. (Ind) – Third Round 69 (-2), Total 203 (-10)

I played well. I was calm and relaxed and just one bad shot on 11. Hit a four iron left and lost the ball and made a double there. I just told myself to hang in there as I’ve been in this situation before. Just stayed calm, and the par fives were coming up and we just needed to make some birdies and things would be fine. I’m happy with the way I conducted myself and it was absolutely brilliant.

It’s important as I’ve been in this situation a few times now. I’m really looking for one and staying patient is what that will do it for me. It would mean a lot, I won’t be able to explain it properly. Obviously I’ve made some notes previously and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

It’ll be a dream to play with Anirban where he’s won here. It’s been a long time since we last played competitive golf together and I’m looking forward to it tomorrow. We’ll have a blast. Think we last played together three years ago locally. We were competing against each other and he won by two shots. He moved on to the Asian Tour and I played on the local tour.

No matter who’s leading, if I ask for advice, I’m sure he’ll be there for me. I’m sure he’ll push me to a good run. Our fun will be there, we keep betting a dollar bet on and off the course, even in practice. All those memories will be out tomorrow. We’ll go out there and make sure we finish on top.

Chikkarangappa S. of India Chikkarangappa S. of India

I just have to play like how I did today. I just held myself after the double. I’m playing the best, just because of one bad hole, I should not think of it and spoil it all. One more day. I think I have to go out there and enjoy it. Even when I missed putts, I was still smiling. If I get angry, it’ll hit me back.

He hits it really good and I putt it really good. When we’re coming down the last hole and I’m down to him, if I have a 30 foot putt, he’ll say we’ll half the match if I make the putt. And if I say he hits it to five it, I’ll say it’s all square. That’s how we always played each other. We always gave ourselves a good challenge to push ourselves.

I’ve been through this back home in India. I won’t say it’s the end of the world for me, there are many things to come. I’ll just out there and smile and enjoy my golf.

Anirban Lahiri (Ind) – Third Round 69 (-2), Total 203 (-10)

It was a bit of a struggle. You have to hit it as tight as you can on this course. The greens dried out today. My strategy is normally to try to get it close to the greens and let my short game do the work but I missed a couple of fairways and it was impossible to put it inside 10 to 15 feet as it was like landing on concrete. I guess I have to make some adjustments tomorrow and gauge how the golf course is. It was a slow round, disappointed with the miss on 13. I’m happy that despite the struggle, I’m still in it.

You have to find the short grass as it’s difficult to do as it’s running so fast. I’ll have to see if I need to change strategy to find more fairways. If you’re not spinning the ball, there’s no way you can stop on these greens. It’s good to see the course playing hard.

Anirban Lahiri of India Anirban Lahiri of India

I have to play to my strength, if I can get up and down from 30 yards which I didn’t do today, that will be two or three shots better to my round. So hopefully I’ll work on that a bit when I get out here tomorrow.

It’ll be tough. Chikka is a fierce competitor, I know it. It’ll be good to battle it out with him tomorrow. But it’s not just me and him as there are so many guys in it. The course is playing hard and anybody who shoots 63 or 64 has a chance to win. You can’t rule anyone out. There are 20 guys in contention. The guys at the top have to play well to have a chance to win.

I think I’m playing well, I feel like I’m playing well. It’s just like I’ve not got hot. The birdies have come in drips and trickles. It wasn’t like three in a row. The momentum just wasn’t there today.

It’ll be serious business (with Chikka) tomorrow but we care very deeply for each other. At the same time, we both want to win. There’s no doubt neither of us would like the other person to win unless the person himself doesn’t win. If it’s not me, I would like for him to win but I definitely like to win myself more than him and that’s the same for him. We do what we do for a living. We’re always egging each other on to play better. We both bring the best out of each other’s game.

Pavit Tangkamolprasert of Thailand Pavit Tangkamolprasert of Thailand

Pavit Tangkamolprasert (Tha) – Third Round 68 (-3), Total 204 (-9)

Shot five under on the first nine as I made a few long putts, happy game on the first nine. Made a few mistakes on the back nine, it was a bit windy. On 17, from the back tee, four wasn’t bad and back to nine under. It’s a good position for tomorrow.

I’m happy with my game at the moment. I was in Japan last week, played well and had confidence. It’s my time now. Let’s see tomorrow, I’m ready.

Just stay relax and enjoy the game and focus. I won’t think of winning much. When I won on the Asian Development Tour, I never thought about winning. I think the experience helps a bit but this is the Asian Tour. It’s all about focus tomorrow, that’s all I want to do.

I think the king is helping us. It’ll be good for the Thai players to win for him. It’ll be an honour.

Rattanon and Sutijet have had good seasons and they’re playing well. I’m happy for both of them too. I’ll be happy if any Thai player wins.

Miguel Tabuena of Philippines Miguel Tabuena of Philippines

Miguel Tabuena (Phi) – Third Round 70 (-1), Total 206 (-7)

It was an up and down round. I got some good looks but didn’t take advantage. A bit of a brain lapse on 11, didn’t get a good lie and the chip on one was unlike me. I gave away a few shots. Just don’t make those mistakes tomorrow and I’ll be back up there.

Have a good dinner and try to enjoy it tomorrow. Three shots is not out of it. I probably gave away three shots today, I know that I have the game to shoot a low number tomorrow. I think we need a low one, so we’ll see what happens. It could be 11 under or 12 under, it would depend on the wind. If it’s like today, I’ll need like six or seven under to have a chance.

Ian Poulter (Eng) – Third Round 71 (E), Total 208 (-5)

A bit frustration, more than anything else, the dream start on Thursday didn’t feel great yesterday and I didn’t get off to the best of starts today. A poor tee short on 10 was very costly and made a couple of birdies coming in. Looking at the leaderboard right now, it’s really annoying. Really annoying to be on the score I’m on, especially with the triple on 10.

I’ll sleep on it, probably have a chat with myself in my room and obviously see if I can reset and come out tomorrow and play some of the golf that I did on Thursday and hole some putts. We’ll have to see how close we can get.

It’s a tricky course, there’s no question about it. There are a lot of hazards out there and if you hit it off line, you can get yourself into trouble. You have to play smart and don’t hit poor golf shots as you’ll get punished.

Ian Poulter of England Ian Poulter of England

Rashid Khan (Ind) – Third round 66 (-5), Total 204 (-9)

I finished really well, started good. In the wind, struggled with the putting a bit. When I missed the putts, I feel like something is wrong. It’s just the speed which is a bit off. I’ve not played for two weeks. I had influenza in Taiwan, had a fever of 105 and withdrew there and couldn’t make it last week. Not 100 per cent yet, still having my medicine here.

I’m surprised. I made par and bogey on 18. Today, found the fairway and I told my caddie let’s just find the green and hit a good second shot in with a three wood to 20 feet and I holed that putt. Really happy about that.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in contention. Won twice in 2014 and have been struggling with my irons. Won in Thailand and India. Have been playing good on the local circuit, won twice out of four, so it’s coming.

I am surprised the leaders didn’t pull away. I think it’s because of the greens which are really quick. It’s tough to read and the winds are also strong.

I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. I can’t expect more from myself. After two weeks, I’m really happy with this. It’s going to be an important day tomorrow after not being in contention for a year and a half. It’s time to come back strong.

I love playing aggressive golf, I can deal with the pressure. I’m just going to enjoy myself.

Rattanon Wannasrichan (Tha) – Third Round 65 (-6), Total 204 (-9)

Today my iron play and putter were good. Hit two bad hooks for those bogeys on the par three on the back nine. Condition was good for scoring although fairway was very firm. Hit my driver good too. Eagle on two, hit a driver down and then a four iron down wind to about six feet.

I’ll keep to my game, aim to keep the driver on the fairway. Feel good. Poom and I are roommates on Tour every week. I will try to win like him. He is encouraging me and say that I can win too. I’ll try. 16-under will be a very good score tomorrow. That means I might have to aim for seven under which is difficult but I will try.

Last year and early this season, I had problems with my problem. I couldn’t putt well but now, it’s okay. I just keep telling myself in my mind that I can hole the putts. And it’s worked so far. Last two weeks, I’ve played good in Korea and made the cut in Indonesia. Hope to earn my Asian Tour card. I like the golf course too in Philippines.