#VenetianMacaoOpen: What they're saying

Fri 16 Oct 2015

#VenetianMacaoOpen: What they're saying


Hung Chien-yao (Tpe) – Second round 64 (-7), Total 132 (-10)

Everything feels good today. Driver, irons and putting were good, especially putting. I didn’t push myself and didn’t tell myself that I have to play good. I was relaxed and enjoyed the day. The first six months, I played a lot on Tour and at home and I didn’t play good at all. It was a mistake as I was telling too much and giving myself too much pressure. I turned 23 two months ago. I changed my attitude. I went to the US and had a lesson with Dave Stockton and he’s telling me that that we’re humans and make mistakes and that we should enjoy our golf. I just found my confidence back. I was tell the scorers that I’ve achieved my goal as I’m leading for the first time on the Asian Tour, one day is enough. I’ll probably be playing with Anirban at the weekend and I know him from a long time. He’s a superstar right now. I’ll try to learn from him and get more experience from him. That’s my goal.

161015_VMO_Chiragh Kumar (IND) 08Adilson da Silva (Brz) – Second round 65 (-6), Total 133 (-9)

I was very happy, hit it well and putted well. My putting has been iffy for weeks and I’ve been making those five six footers that I’ve been missing which makes a big difference. Had one three putt today though on five from 20 feet. I’ve been putting some time to it and hopefully I’m on the right track with it. I’ve changed one or two things, trying to get back to my old style of putting. I’m just trying to feel how I used to do. For the last few weeks, I’ve been doing it and hopefully I’m back on track. A lot of guys up there on the leaderboard. Holed a 30 footer on 18 and another long one on one.

Jeunghun Wang (Kor) – Second round 68 (-3), Total 133 (-9)

I had a bad finish today (two bogeys in closing three). I’m not feeling good. Feel so bad. Three putts on seven, almost three putt on eight and on nine, I was over the green and chipped and missed the par putt. Just want to go and rest up now.

Tomorrow, I don’t want to do stupid things like seven and nine. Just play my best, play my game. I eagled 18 which was pretty good. That was my turning point and then made three birdies on two, three and four.  Just keep playing my own game. I like this course. Condition is good and I like the greens. It’s perfect.

Anirban Lahiri (Ind) – Second round 67 (-4), Total 133 (-9)

It was a good day to be out there. Nice to go out in the morning. Greens were rolling a bit smoother than they would in the afternoon . I think I played well, pretty similar to yesterday. But the couple of times I missed the fairway, I found some difficult lies in the rough which has been different to the yesteryears. I hit it pretty solid.

Made a silly three putt from eight feet on 16. Just rushed it. Nice to get back onto a good run. Hit three really good shots on 18, hit a four iron from 241 yards to about seven feet for eagle on 18 and then made a good one on one and a straight forward birdie on two to get the momentum going. And then every time I hit it close, I didn’t make a putt. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth to leave the course with a bogey. Hit a good drive and just go stuck in a terrible lie and it was a bad five.

Thitiphun Chuayprakong of Thailand Thitiphun Chuayprakong of Thailand

The rough is quite penal. The thing with Macau GCC is normally it’s hard and fast. A lot of shots land on the fairways and run through and this week, you could end up in some bad spots. It’s funny as it’s not very long. I’ve found it five or six times and I’ve had a wedge with about 110 yards and I’ve not come close to sniffing the green. It’s not like you’re trying to hit a five or six iron out of the rough. You can barely advance it 100 yards with a wedge. That for me is the biggest challenge this week.

Revenge is a strong word. I was disappointed (with the Presidents Cup) but I was proud of my effort last week. It might look different from the other side of the camera. I didn’t come here with any negativity. Maybe, just redeem myself by playing a bit better this week. That’s about it.

You’re going to miss putts for a lot of money or world ranking points or for the Presidents Cup. You have to learn to be as balanced through both. That’s something that my meditation helps, which deals with specifically to remain an equilibrium through the highs and lows. Last week certainly wasn’t the highs but you’ve got to look at it with the right spirit. You have to keep focusing on what you need to do. Go back to my processes and work on the areas that need improvement. As long as that happens, the quality of golf will improve.

I would have preferred to be on 15-under. But I’m happy to be where I am now. There are guys still going out and I’ll be surprised if nine under is still leading. There are quite a few birdies out there. I think last year, I started with a bang and I’m in a similar position again. I’m quite happy, satisfied with the way I played. Hopefully I don’t make these silly mistakes for the next two days.

Chiragh Kumar of India Chiragh Kumar of India

Scott Hend (Aus) – Second round 68 (-3), 134 (-8)

It was pretty good. Got a bit unlucky on 16, hit a nice drive and got into a partially filled divot. Got a bit thin out there and made bogey. Played good, solid second round. Trying to adjust with the heat again. I’m in a good position.

The greens have dried out a bit and a bit more bounce when you’re chipping up. But it was quite nice. I’m swinging it great, chipping it great, putting it great and hitting my irons good. It’s all about the mental part of the game to keep it going. It’s pretty much what it always is with me. If I can be mentally at ease, get the process going and not think about the outcome, I normally play quite well.

I’ve got my game plan. If I stick to it, do what I want to do, we’ll see what happens.

Thitiphun Chuayprakong (Tha) – Second round 71 (E), Total 135 (-7)

I made a lot of mistakes today. Made a seven on the fifth hole. First shot hit into the left and lost it into the jungle. Then my provisional ball went to the right. After finishing that hole, I told myself to restart again and not think about the triple bogey.

Greens were getting firmer and faster which made it a bit more difficult. The wind was also up. It’s still okay to be in this position. The pins were accessible, it would have been better if I could be one or two under but I’m okay with even par. I still can’t fix the driving. On the back nine, I found something with my set up so hopefully tomorrow, it’ll be okay.

Just keep to my pre-shot routine and be mentally steady. Don’t think about the score, just hit it one shot at a time.

I’ll be happy to have the chance to play with Anirban. He’s one of the best golfers in Asia now. He’s now a very strong player and it would be good to have the opportunity to play with him.

Rahil Gangjee (Ind) – Second round 68 (-3), Total 135 (-7)

It was like one step forward and two steps back. I hit two destructive shots and that was it. It cost me a lot. Besides that, I putted pretty good. Hope it carries on till the weekend. I feel like I’m playing good. The last two weeks courses didn’t really suit me. As soon as I came here, this is more my golf course. I felt more comfortable. If I carry on what I’m doing, I’ll be okay. Feeling pretty relaxed.

The rough is a bit up and can get straggly. Not driving it great and wish I can driver better. Have a new driver, hopefully it’ll come good this weekend and next week.

No surprise to see Anirban up there now. Surprised though to see him lost a shot at the last hole. I know he’s playing well. He’s going to give us a good fight. We’ve just got to keep going at him