What They Said

Tue 31 Jan 2012

What They Said


My preparations have been good. I spent six weeks back in Perth and three weeks completely off golf when I went to the beach with some friends. I’m ready to go this year. Last year was terrible. I played terrible all year. I only had one good finish in Singapore and that helped me keep my card for this year. I’m going to be full time Asian Tour this year instead of switching like what I did last year.

I want to become a better player and enjoy the game. I want to get settled again and play well. I feel I’m getting close to a third victory. I would be very disappointed if I didn’t get a win this year and that’s what I’ll be aiming for every week when I tee it up. I’ll be looking for a win early in the year.

My game is pretty good. The course out here is fairly wide but the greens will be tough because it is undulating and you have to get it up on the right level and be patient.


I practised a lot because last year I didn’t play good. Luckily I was able to keep my card. I’m going to try harder and try and finish inside the top-20 of the Order of Merit. That’s one of my goals this year and I can achieve that if I win a tournament.

My driver was terrible last year. I didn’t use a single driver for nine tournaments. I just used three wood to tee off. I couldn’t hit using a driver. Every time I picked up the driver I felt scared and nervous. I practised my driver for the last two months and now I’m feeling better. Now I don’t feel anything. It was bad last year because I shivered every time I picked up the driver. In the beginning of the year my driver was going from left to right and it gradually got worst until I just couldn’t hit a single drive.

I went skiing in Korea for a week during the break. That was a good holiday. I’m really excited to be playing again. I want to enjoy playing in tournaments this year.

I’m starting to focus better and my short game has improved. I believe if I can continue to improve I’ll be able to win. That’s my aim.


I just got back from injury. I hurt my back after the Thailand Golf Championship. I rested for three weeks and was back to practice only two weeks ago. Nothing too serious. My hips kind of moved and I twisted it a bit. I was playing too many tournaments but didn’t really take care of my body. I’m okay now but not 100%. I’m probably at 75% now.

I got new clubs with TaylorMade so we’ll see how that works out. I don’t really have big goals. I just try to win in every tournament and take one shot at a time. I did a lot of fitness training and went to see the chiropractor. Nothing else. I was just focusing on healing my body and a lot of resting.

It feels great to be back out here. I’m just excited to be out and be playing again. I played well in the opening two rounds but then I struggle during the weekend. I think I’m mentally and physically weak. But I’ve improved again this year so I’ll try to finish on top of the Order of Merit and keep my card for next year.


I didn’t participate in many Asian Tour tournaments. My season started in India last week and my body is slowly warming up. The golf course here is really nice and most of the golfers are excited to play here. The golf course is on an easier side and the results will be low this week.

I’ve been hitting the ball really well. This golf course gives you a great opportunity of hitting long drives. My game is in good shape. I had one month off and I really worked on my game.

I worked on my swing and practiced a lot. After last year’s hectic schedule, the break was definitely needed. I got to spend a lot of time with my family. I saw a lot of movies this time! It sort of refreshes you after a hectic schedule.

This golf course reminds me when I played in Suwan Country Club two years ago and the conditions are the same. My mindset is also pretty much the same. You never know what’s going to happen but you need to stay positive.