Rd 3: What they said #NZOpen99

Sat 03 Mar 2018

Rd 3: What they said #NZOpen99


Terry Pilkadaris (Aus) Third round nine-under-par 62, Total 190 (-24)

That was an unbelievable round and I’m like wow! It’s one of those rounds when you can do no wrong. It really depends on the weather tomorrow. If it’s benign conditions like today again, someone’s going to shoot low and you got to be really aggressive. I just didn’t make any mistakes today. I missed one green on the fifth but I chipped it in. I was never really in trouble today and kept giving myself chances and made some putts. There’s still lots of golf left and I’m not going to take anything for granted. I’m just go about doing my own business and make as many birdies as I can. I got to the 11th and felt unwell. After I hit my tee shot on the 13th I had to visit the house by the tee and ask the people to use their toilet. I thanked them for their hospitality and they said I was not the first. It was the same after the 14th and I had to swing it easy towards the end. The Tour gave me some tablets to settle things down.

Jarin Todd (Usa) Third round Six-under-par 65, Total 197 (-17)

Looks like it’s going to be tough to catch Terry but I’ve shot two low scores on this course already, so I feel I can do it again. It really depends on how they are going to set up the course for tomorrow. The pin positions might be tougher. I’m hitting the ball really good and if I can make some putts, I have a good chance of finishing well.

Berry Henson (Usa) Third round Five-under-par 66, Total 198 (-16)

My game’s fantastic and I’ve been playing great. I only hit one bad shot all week and I ended up making par with a loose seven-iron. But other than that, I’ve been kind of cruising and pretty relaxed. I haven’t really got red-hot yet but I’ve been playing really consistent golf and I’ve only made three bogeys all week. So I’m pretty happy. I still feel like there’s a chance tomorrow. If you don’t get off to a quick start on this course, it can be kind of easy to make pars. So if someone can get off to a quick start and put some pressure on Terry tomorrow, I don’t feel like the tournament’s over yet.

Paul Peterson (Usa) Third round Five-under-par 66, Total 199 (-15)

I’m pleased with how I’ve played so far. I felt I left a couple of shot out there on the greens but this being my first time here takes some adaption and getting used to. I feel like I’m hitting the ball well and hopefully tomorrow will be the kind of a day where the holes open up for us. Six, five or four-under is not terrible but as far as scoring goes, I need to go really low tomorrow to catch the leaders

Hung Chien-yao (Tpe) Third round Five-under-par 66, Total 201 (-13)

Just being here in Queenstown is already a big satisfaction. And it’s getting better especially with my performance after three days. I’m happy to be in the position where I’m in now and I’m playing without much expectations for tomorrow. I just want to soak in the atmosphere, enjoy the scenery and the golf will take care of itself. My girlfriend is here with me this week and she has been a great encouragement. She has been walking the course everyday and that helps with the motivation too.