#whereitsAT Tomorrow's Stars Today – Miguel Tabuena

Mon 26 Nov 2018

#whereitsAT Tomorrow's Stars Today – Miguel Tabuena


Sentosa, Singapore, 
November 26: Most parents will probably agree that getting a four-year-old kid to complete even the simplest of tasks can be very challenging at times, given their short attention spans.

However, Philippines’ Miguel Tabuena wasn’t just any other four-year-old. At that tender age, he spent most of his day at the driving range, hitting seven to eight buckets of balls during every practice session.

“I would go to sleep and think that there’s another kid on the other side of the world who wants to be the best golfer in the world and is practising right now. That motivates me to practice every day,” said Tabuena, whose interest in the game was heavily influenced by his parents.

This focused, self-motivated and driven kid unsurprisingly blossomed into a star on the Asian Tour.

Tabuena first caught the attention of people within the golf fraternity when he earned his first Asian Tour card via Qualifying School in 2011, when he was just 17 years old.

The same year, he displayed a glimpse of his immense talent by finishing in fourth place at the Mercuries Taiwan Masters, ahead of illustrious veterans such as compatriot Juvic Pagunsan and Thailand’s Chapchai Nirat.

However, it was only four years later in 2015 when he made a career breakthrough by winning his National Open.

Tabuena carried the momentum into the following year and finished a career-high fifth place on the 2016 Order of Merit after earning over half a million dollars.

These days, at just 24 years old, he is considered a veteran on Tour having played in more than 120 tournaments. His experience, coupled by his youthful vigour and constant determination to improve himself makes him a force to be reckoned with on the Asian Tour.

“I want to get better every single day. I learned from all my experiences, accept whatever comes and enjoy the journey because if you don’t enjoy it anymore, it’s not worth it.”