Performance Statistics

Panasonic Swing

The Panasonic Swing ranking is based on an aggregate points ranking earned by players at five selected tournaments. The top-three finishers in the Panasonic Swing final ranking, which ends at the 2018 Panasonic Open Japan, will earn US$70,000, US$50,000 and US$30,000 respectively via a bonus pool reward scheme.

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  • 1


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  • 2

Shubhankar SHARMA

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  • 3


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  • 4

Justin ROSE

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  • 5

Gaganjeet BHULLAR

POS Name Events Points
1POS Shiv KAPUR Rounds4 Stroke Average2870.40
2POS Shubhankar SHARMA Rounds4 Stroke Average2100.67
3POS Rattanon WANNASRICHAN Rounds3 Stroke Average1884.00
4POS Justin ROSE Rounds1 Stroke Average1800.00
5POS Gaganjeet BHULLAR Rounds4 Stroke Average1238.64
6POS Phachara KHONGWATMAI Rounds2 Stroke Average1215.00
7POS Jorge CAMPILLO Rounds1 Stroke Average1100.00
8POS Kiradech APHIBARNRAT Rounds3 Stroke Average762.14
9POS Ajeetesh SANDHU Rounds3 Stroke Average730.29
10POS Scott VINCENT Rounds2 Stroke Average684.00
11POS Paul PETERSON Rounds2 Stroke Average650.62
12POS Panuphol PITTAYARAT Rounds3 Stroke Average635.00
13POS Danthai BOONMA Rounds3 Stroke Average621.50
14POS Yusaku MIYAZATO Rounds2 Stroke Average583.14
15POS Sihwan KIM Rounds4 Stroke Average568.00
T16POS Pablo LARRAZABAL Rounds1 Stroke Average565.00
T16POS Ryan FOX Rounds1 Stroke Average565.00
18POS S.S.P CHAWRASIA Rounds3 Stroke Average528.29
19POS Chiragh KUMAR Rounds4 Stroke Average512.96
T20POS Om Prakash CHOUHAN Rounds1 Stroke Average500.29
T20POS Karandeep KOCHHAR Rounds1 Stroke Average500.29
T20POS Sudhir SHARMA Rounds1 Stroke Average500.29
23POS Jazz JANEWATTANANOND Rounds3 Stroke Average443.67
24POS Dylan FRITTELLI Rounds2 Stroke Average403.60
25POS Suradit YONGCHAROENCHAI Rounds4 Stroke Average390.47
26POS Khalin JOSHI Rounds4 Stroke Average377.20
T27POS Terry PILKADARIS Rounds4 Stroke Average376.00
T27POS Stephen LEWTON Rounds3 Stroke Average376.00
29POS Thaworn WIRATCHANT Rounds3 Stroke Average351.80
30POS Scott HEND Rounds3 Stroke Average320.00
31POS Younghan SONG Rounds2 Stroke Average308.00
T32POS Hideto TANIHARA Rounds1 Stroke Average297.20
T32POS Nino BERTASIO Rounds1 Stroke Average297.20
T32POS Ryo ISHIKAWA Rounds1 Stroke Average297.20
35POS Prom MEESAWAT Rounds3 Stroke Average279.00
36POS Natipong SRITHONG Rounds4 Stroke Average240.07
37POS CHAN Shih-Chang Rounds2 Stroke Average238.00
38POS Honey BAISOYA Rounds3 Stroke Average223.80
39POS David LIPSKY Rounds2 Stroke Average221.40
40POS Gavin GREEN Rounds3 Stroke Average218.80
41POS Shamim KHAN Rounds1 Stroke Average203.00
T42POS Jake HIGGINBOTTOM Rounds3 Stroke Average192.00
T42POS Berry HENSON Rounds1 Stroke Average192.00
44POS Scott BARR Rounds3 Stroke Average179.40
45POS Lionel WEBER Rounds4 Stroke Average177.40
46POS Prayad MARKSAENG Rounds3 Stroke Average175.14
47POS Jarin TODD Rounds4 Stroke Average170.40
T48POS Chanachok DEJPIRATANAMONGKOL Rounds3 Stroke Average164.80
T48POS Pawin INGKHAPRADIT Rounds1 Stroke Average164.80
50POS Gunn CHAROENKUL Rounds2 Stroke Average164.60
51POS Daniel CHOPRA Rounds2 Stroke Average162.30
52POS Poom SAKSANSIN Rounds3 Stroke Average159.00
T53POS Romain WATTEL Rounds1 Stroke Average150.33
T53POS Maximilian KIEFFER Rounds1 Stroke Average150.33
T53POS Lee WESTWOOD Rounds1 Stroke Average150.33
T53POS Matthieu PAVON Rounds1 Stroke Average150.33
T53POS Joost LUITEN Rounds1 Stroke Average150.33
T58POS Thangaraja N. Rounds1 Stroke Average149.00
T58POS Angad CHEEMA Rounds1 Stroke Average149.00
60POS Yanwei LIU Rounds2 Stroke Average146.00
61POS Micah Lauren SHIN Rounds3 Stroke Average144.40
62POS Hyunwoo RYU Rounds1 Stroke Average141.50
63POS Michael TRAN Rounds3 Stroke Average139.00
64POS Jyoti RANDHAWA Rounds3 Stroke Average137.00
65POS Daisuke KATAOKA Rounds2 Stroke Average135.00
66POS Javi COLOMO Rounds3 Stroke Average133.00
67POS Ben LEONG Rounds3 Stroke Average131.07
T68POS Aman RAJ Rounds1 Stroke Average129.00
T68POS Manu GANDAS Rounds1 Stroke Average129.00
70POS John Michael O'TOOLE Rounds3 Stroke Average126.40
71POS Brett MUNSON Rounds3 Stroke Average122.40
72POS Bowen XIAO Rounds2 Stroke Average120.67
73POS Chinnarat PHADUNGSIL Rounds2 Stroke Average119.60
74POS Divyanshu BAJAJ Rounds1 Stroke Average116.00
75POS Chikkarangappa S. Rounds4 Stroke Average115.73
T76POS Benjamin HEBERT Rounds1 Stroke Average115.00
T76POS Michael LORENZO-VERA Rounds1 Stroke Average115.00
T76POS Scott JAMIESON Rounds1 Stroke Average115.00
T76POS Andy SULLIVAN Rounds1 Stroke Average115.00
80POS Chanwoo KIM Rounds3 Stroke Average111.60
81POS HUNG Chien-Yao Rounds3 Stroke Average107.00
T82POS Rahil GANGJEE Rounds4 Stroke Average105.00
T82POS Mukesh KUMAR Rounds1 Stroke Average105.00
T82POS M DHARMA Rounds1 Stroke Average105.00
T82POS Mitchell SLORACH Rounds2 Stroke Average106.40
T82POS Giwhan KIM Rounds2 Stroke Average106.40
87POS Thomas DETRY Rounds1 Stroke Average99.00
88POS Mithun PERERA Rounds1 Stroke Average98.00
89POS Namchok TANTIPOKHAKUL Rounds2 Stroke Average96.00
90POS Keith HORNE Rounds2 Stroke Average95.33
91POS Rashid KHAN Rounds3 Stroke Average94.00
92POS Rory HIE Rounds3 Stroke Average93.80
93POS Ashley HALL Rounds1 Stroke Average91.60
94POS Itthipat BURANATANYARAT Rounds2 Stroke Average91.60
T95POS Juvic PAGUNSAN Rounds1 Stroke Average83.14
T95POS Chris PAISLEY Rounds1 Stroke Average83.14
T95POS Andrew JOHNSTON Rounds1 Stroke Average83.14
T95POS Niall TURNER Rounds1 Stroke Average85.33
T95POS Simon GRIFFITHS Rounds1 Stroke Average85.33
T95POS Arnond VONGVANIJ Rounds4 Stroke Average91.00
T95POS Shankar DAS Rounds2 Stroke Average91.00
T95POS Kapil KUMAR Rounds1 Stroke Average91.33
T95POS Sanjeev KUMAR (L) Rounds1 Stroke Average91.33
T95POS Manav JAINI Rounds1 Stroke Average91.33
105POS Udayan MANE Rounds1 Stroke Average82.67
T106POS Pavit TANGKAMOLPRASERT Rounds2 Stroke Average79.00
T106POS Siddikur RAHMAN Rounds2 Stroke Average79.00
T106POS LU Wei-Chih Rounds2 Stroke Average79.00
T106POS Richard T. LEE Rounds3 Stroke Average73.00
T106POS Piya SWANGARUNPORN Rounds2 Stroke Average73.00
T106POS Jeev Milkha SINGH Rounds2 Stroke Average73.00
T106POS Settee PRAKONGVECH Rounds3 Stroke Average73.00
T106POS Zamal Hossain MOLLAH Rounds1 Stroke Average73.00
T106POS Thammanoon SRIROJ Rounds1 Stroke Average73.00
T106POS Sachin BAISOYA Rounds1 Stroke Average73.00
T106POS Akshay SHARMA Rounds1 Stroke Average73.00
117POS Jason KNUTZON Rounds3 Stroke Average72.80
T118POS Arjun ATWAL Rounds2 Stroke Average70.00
T118POS David HORSEY Rounds1 Stroke Average70.00
120POS Sorachut HANSAPIBAN Rounds3 Stroke Average67.00
121POS Tirawat KAEWSIRIBANDIT Rounds3 Stroke Average63.33
T122POS Tze Huang CHOO Rounds1 Stroke Average63.00
T122POS Johannes VEERMAN Rounds2 Stroke Average63.00
T122POS Samuel CHIEN Rounds3 Stroke Average63.00
T122POS Adam BLYTH Rounds1 Stroke Average63.00
T122POS Raththee SIRITHANAKUNSAK Rounds1 Stroke Average63.00
T122POS Sujjan SINGH Rounds3 Stroke Average63.00
T122POS William HARROLD Rounds3 Stroke Average63.00
T122POS Jaturon DUANGPHAICHOOM Rounds1 Stroke Average63.00
T122POS R. MURTHY Rounds1 Stroke Average63.00
131POS Nicholas FUNG Rounds4 Stroke Average56.00
T132POS Yuta IKEDA Rounds1 Stroke Average54.00
T132POS Soomin LEE Rounds2 Stroke Average54.00
T132POS Adrian OTAEGUI Rounds1 Stroke Average54.00
T132POS Thongchai JAIDEE Rounds2 Stroke Average54.00
T132POS Stephen GALLACHER Rounds1 Stroke Average54.00
T132POS Thomas BJORN Rounds1 Stroke Average54.00
T132POS Soren KJELDSEN Rounds1 Stroke Average54.00
T132POS Abhijit CHADHA Rounds1 Stroke Average55.00
T132POS Amardip Sinh MALIK Rounds1 Stroke Average55.00
T132POS Raju ALI Rounds1 Stroke Average55.00
142POS Marcus BOTH Rounds2 Stroke Average52.67
T143POS Thitiphun CHUAYPRAKONG Rounds1 Stroke Average52.00
T143POS Danny CHIA Rounds3 Stroke Average52.00
T143POS Janne KASKE Rounds1 Stroke Average52.00
T143POS Puk PRADITTAN Rounds1 Stroke Average52.00
T143POS Chaiphat KOONMARK Rounds1 Stroke Average52.00
T143POS Phanuvich ONCHU Rounds1 Stroke Average52.00
149POS Ranjit SINGH Rounds1 Stroke Average49.00
150POS Brian JUNG Rounds2 Stroke Average48.80
151POS Mao-Chang SUNG Rounds1 Stroke Average44.00
152POS Antonio LASCUNA Rounds2 Stroke Average42.00
T153POS Yikeun CHANG Rounds2 Stroke Average38.00
T153POS Graeme STORM Rounds1 Stroke Average38.00
T153POS Amir NAZRIN Rounds1 Stroke Average38.00
T153POS Chanat SAKULPOLPHAISAN Rounds3 Stroke Average39.00
T153POS Pijit PETCHKASEM Rounds2 Stroke Average39.00
T153POS Harendra GUPTA Rounds1 Stroke Average39.00
T153POS Veer AHLAWAT Rounds1 Stroke Average39.00
T153POS Rahul BAJAJ Rounds1 Stroke Average39.00
T153POS Vinod KUMAR Rounds1 Stroke Average39.00
162POS Masaru TAKAHASHI Rounds1 Stroke Average36.00
163POS Himmat RAI Rounds3 Stroke Average28.67
T164POS Fabrizio ZANOTTI Rounds1 Stroke Average21.00
T164POS Henrik STENSON Rounds1 Stroke Average21.00
T164POS Teemu PUTKONEN Rounds3 Stroke Average20.00
T164POS Worrasorn SUWANPANANG Rounds1 Stroke Average20.00
T164POS LIEN LU-SEN Rounds1 Stroke Average20.00
T164POS Arie IRAWAN Rounds4 Stroke Average20.80
T164POS Gaurav Pratap SINGH Rounds1 Stroke Average20.80
T164POS Ashok KUMAR Rounds1 Stroke Average20.80
T164POS Ankur CHADHA Rounds1 Stroke Average20.80
T164POS Gaurav GHEI Rounds1 Stroke Average20.80
T164POS George GANDRANATA Rounds2 Stroke Average28.00
T164POS Somsak KAOPRATUM Rounds1 Stroke Average28.00
T164POS Alexander LEVY Rounds1 Stroke Average28.00
T164POS Matteo MANASSERO Rounds1 Stroke Average28.00
T164POS Andrew DODT Rounds1 Stroke Average28.00
T164POS Sanju MD. Rounds1 Stroke Average28.00
T164POS Lucas HERBERT Rounds1 Stroke Average28.00
T164POS Pawan KUMAR Rounds1 Stroke Average28.00
T164POS Simon YATES Rounds1 Stroke Average28.00
183POS Digvijay SINGH Rounds1 Stroke Average18.00
T184POS Casey O'TOOLE Rounds2 Stroke Average17.00
T184POS Joshua Andrew WIRAWAN Rounds1 Stroke Average17.00
T184POS Austin CONNELLY Rounds1 Stroke Average17.60
T184POS Jeunghun WANG Rounds1 Stroke Average17.60
T184POS Richie RAMSAY Rounds1 Stroke Average17.60
T184POS Matthew SOUTHGATE Rounds1 Stroke Average17.60
T184POS Nicolas PAEZ Rounds1 Stroke Average14.00
T184POS Marc WARREN Rounds1 Stroke Average14.00
T184POS Wongsakorn CHOOWONG Rounds1 Stroke Average14.00
T184POS Kurnia HERISIANDY Rounds1 Stroke Average14.67
T184POS ARNAUS Adri Rounds1 Stroke Average14.67
T184POS Natthapong NIYOMCHON Rounds2 Stroke Average16.67
T184POS Annop TANGKAMOLPRASERT Rounds1 Stroke Average16.67
197POS Tawan PHONGPHUN Rounds1 Stroke Average12.67
T198POS Jordan SMITH Rounds1 Stroke Average12.00
T198POS Syed Saqib AHMED Rounds1 Stroke Average12.00
T198POS Feroz Singh GAREWAL Rounds1 Stroke Average12.00
201POS Shota AKIYOSHI Rounds1 Stroke Average11.33
202POS Jason NORRIS Rounds1 Stroke Average11.00
T203POS Oscar ZETTERWALL Rounds3 Stroke Average10.00
T203POS P GULFAM Rounds1 Stroke Average10.00
T203POS Rinaldi ADIYANDONO Rounds1 Stroke Average10.00
T203POS Mardan MAMAT Rounds2 Stroke Average8.00
T203POS Daniel IM Rounds1 Stroke Average8.00
T203POS Ramadhan ALWIE Rounds1 Stroke Average8.00
T203POS Arjun PRASAD Rounds2 Stroke Average9.33
T203POS Natchanon VARAPORNKITTIRAT Rounds1 Stroke Average9.33
211POS Chris HANSON Rounds1 Stroke Average7.00
T212POS Robert KARLSSON Rounds1 Stroke Average2.00
T212POS Eddie PEPPERELL Rounds1 Stroke Average2.00
T212POS Carlos PIGEM Rounds1 Stroke Average4.67
T212POS Marcel SIEM Rounds1 Stroke Average4.67