Performance Statistics

Panasonic Swing

The Panasonic Swing ranking is based on an aggregate points ranking earned by players at five selected tournaments. The top-three finishers in the Panasonic Swing final ranking, which ends at the 2018 Panasonic Open Japan, will earn US$70,000, US$50,000 and US$30,000 respectively via a bonus pool reward scheme.

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Gaganjeet BHULLAR

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POS Name Events Points
1POS Shiv KAPUR Rounds5 Points 2922.90
2POS Rahil GANGJEE Rounds5 Points 2805.00
3POS Rattanon WANNASRICHAN Rounds4 Points 2380.50
4POS Gaganjeet BHULLAR Rounds5 Points 1238.64
5POS Scott VINCENT Rounds3 Points 1180.50
6POS Sihwan KIM Rounds5 Points 1064.50
7POS Ajeetesh SANDHU Rounds4 Points 985.29
8POS Paul PETERSON Rounds3 Points 650.62
9POS Panuphol PITTAYARAT Rounds4 Points 635.00
10POS Danthai BOONMA Rounds4 Points 621.50
11POS S.S.P CHAWRASIA Rounds4 Points 616.79
12POS Jazz JANEWATTANANOND Rounds4 Points 561.34
13POS Chiragh KUMAR Rounds5 Points 512.96
14POS Masahiro KAWAMURA Rounds2 Points 496.50
15POS Terry PILKADARIS Rounds5 Points 493.67
16POS Ryo ISHIKAWA Rounds2 Points 414.87
17POS Suradit YONGCHAROENCHAI Rounds5 Points 390.47
18POS Ben LEONG Rounds4 Points 386.07
19POS Khalin JOSHI Rounds5 Points 377.20
20POS Prom MEESAWAT Rounds4 Points 322.50
21POS Scott HEND Rounds4 Points 320.00
22POS Younghan SONG Rounds3 Points 308.00
23POS Prayad MARKSAENG Rounds4 Points 250.14
24POS Nicholas FUNG Rounds5 Points 250.00
25POS Yuta IKEDA Rounds2 Points 248.00
26POS Keith HORNE Rounds3 Points 241.73
27POS Natipong SRITHONG Rounds5 Points 240.07
28POS CHAN Shih-Chang Rounds3 Points 238.00
29POS HUNG Chien-Yao Rounds4 Points 224.67
30POS Javi COLOMO Rounds4 Points 221.50
31POS Pavit TANGKAMOLPRASERT Rounds3 Points 196.67
32POS Miguel TABUENA Rounds2 Points 194.00
T33POS Jake HIGGINBOTTOM Rounds4 Points 192.00
T33POS Berry HENSON Rounds2 Points 192.00
35POS Juvic PAGUNSAN Rounds2 Points 182.14
36POS Lionel WEBER Rounds5 Points 177.40
37POS Jarin TODD Rounds5 Points 170.40
38POS Thanyakorn KHRONGPHA Rounds3 Points 164.00
39POS Poom SAKSANSIN Rounds4 Points 159.00
40POS Johannes VEERMAN Rounds3 Points 151.50
41POS Giwhan KIM Rounds3 Points 149.90
42POS Arjun ATWAL Rounds3 Points 145.00
43POS Hyunwoo RYU Rounds2 Points 141.50
44POS LU Wei-Chih Rounds3 Points 140.50
45POS Jyoti RANDHAWA Rounds4 Points 137.00
46POS Daisuke KATAOKA Rounds3 Points 135.00
47POS XIAO Bowen Rounds3 Points 120.67
48POS Chikkarangappa S. Rounds5 Points 115.73
49POS Mithun PERERA Rounds2 Points 98.00
50POS Rashid KHAN Rounds4 Points 94.00