Performance Statistics

Panasonic Swing

Habitat for Humanity

After BNI Indonesian Masters

The Panasonic Swing ranking is based on an aggregate points ranking earned by players at five selected tournaments. The top-three finishers in the Panasonic Swing final ranking, which ends at the 2018 Panasonic Open Japan, will earn US$70,000, US$50,000 and US$30,000 respectively via a bonus pool reward scheme.






Khalin JOSHI




Siddikur RAHMAN

POS Name Events Points
1POS Poom SAKSANSIN Events2 Points 2900.00
2POS Panuphol PITTAYARAT Events3 Points 2468.00
3POS Khalin JOSHI Events3 Points 1867.00
4POS Jazz JANEWATTANANOND Events3 Points 1641.00
5POS Siddikur RAHMAN Events3 Points 1175.00
6POS Suradit YONGCHAROENCHAI Events3 Points 926.00
7POS Sarit SUWANNARUT Events1 Points 630.00
8POS Chapchai NIRAT Events3 Points 572.00
9POS Ajeetesh SANDHU Events2 Points 565.00
T10POS Natipong SRITHONG Events2 Points 500.00
T10POS Henrik STENSON Events1 Points 500.00
12POS Shiv KAPUR Events2 Points 427.00
T13POS Thitiphun CHUAYPRAKONG Events2 Points 410.00
T13POS Aman RAJ Events2 Points 410.00
15POS Scott HEND Events2 Points 321.00
16POS Chikkarangappa S. Events3 Points 300.00
17POS Prom MEESAWAT Events3 Points 293.00
T18POS Kshitij Naveed KAUL Events1 Points 287.00
T18POS Matt STIEGER Events3 Points 287.00
T20POS Settee PRAKONGVECH Events3 Points 287.00
21POS Steven JEFFRESS Events3 Points 285.00
22POS Jack HARRISON Events3 Points 276.00
23POS Jake HIGGINBOTTOM Events3 Points 270.00
24POS Viraj MADAPPA Events3 Points 268.00
T25POS Jakraphan PREMSIRIGORN Events2 Points 266.00
T25POS Sihwan KIM Events2 Points 266.00
27POS David GLEESON Events3 Points 264.00
T28POS Scott VINCENT Events1 Points 254.00
T28POS Thanyakon KHRONGPHA Events1 Points 254.00
30POS Jarin TODD Events2 Points 243.00
31POS Nicholas FUNG Events2 Points 229.00
32POS Pavit TANGKAMOLPRASERT Events2 Points 218.00
33POS Yutaka ARAKI Events3 Points 214.00
34POS Rahil GANGJEE Events2 Points 207.00
35POS M DHARMA Events2 Points 204.00
36POS Jbe KRUGER Events2 Points 193.00
37POS Maverick ANTCLIFF Events3 Points 175.00
38POS John CATLIN Events2 Points 170.00
39POS Kurt KITAYAMA Events1 Points 168.00
40POS Mukesh KUMAR Events1 Points 165.00
41POS Rashid KHAN Events2 Points 153.00
42POS Doyeob MUN Events2 Points 150.00
T43POS Chiragh KUMAR Events2 Points 146.00
T44POS Shugo IMAHIRA Events1 Points 146.00
T44POS LIN Wen-tang Events1 Points 146.00
T44POS Sungho LEE Events1 Points 146.00
47POS Pawin INGKHAPRADIT Events1 Points 142.00
48POS LU Wei-Chih Events3 Points 140.00
49POS Tirawat KAEWSIRIBANDIT Events3 Points 136.00
T50POS Sachin BAISOYA Events1 Points 135.00
T50POS Karandeep KOCHHAR Events1 Points 135.00
T52POS Pannakorn UTHAIPAS Events3 Points 133.00
T52POS Josh YOUNGER Events2 Points 133.00
54POS Ben LEONG Events2 Points 125.00
55POS Andrew MARTIN Events3 Points 124.00
T56POS Kapil KUMAR Events1 Points 123.00
T56POS Peradol PANYATHANASEDH Events3 Points 123.00
58POS Suttijet KOORATANAPISAN Events3 Points 122.00
59POS Justin ROSE Events1 Points 121.00
60POS Danthai BOONMA Events3 Points 114.00
61POS KOH Deng Shan Events2 Points 112.00
T62POS Miguel CARBALLO Events3 Points 111.00
T62POS Rory HIE Events3 Points 111.00
T62POS Charng-Tai SUDSOM Events1 Points 111.00
T65POS Berry HENSON Events2 Points 110.00
T66POS Mithun PERERA Events1 Points 110.00
T66POS Om Prakash CHOUHAN Events1 Points 110.00
T66POS Tapy GHAI Events1 Points 110.00
69POS XIAO Bowen Events2 Points 109.00
T70POS Jarryd FELTON Events1 Points 108.00
T70POS Anirban LAHIRI Events1 Points 108.00
T70POS S.S.P CHAWRASIA Events1 Points 108.00
T70POS Carlos PIGEM Events1 Points 108.00
74POS Ben CAMPBELL Events2 Points 97.00
75POS Daniel CHOPRA Events1 Points 96.00
76POS Lionel WEBER Events3 Points 90.00
77POS Anura ROHANA Events2 Points 87.00
T78POS Keith HORNE Events1 Points 84.00
T78POS Marcus FRASER Events1 Points 84.00
T78POS Steve LEWTON Events2 Points 84.00
T81POS Daisuke KATAOKA Events1 Points 79.00
T81POS Raththee SIRITHANAKUNSAK Events1 Points 79.00
T81POS Simon YATES Events1 Points 79.00
T81POS Malcolm KOKOCINSKI Events2 Points 79.00
85POS Pasavee LERTVILAI Events3 Points 78.00
86POS Danny CHIA Events2 Points 76.00
T87POS Terry PILKADARIS Events3 Points 73.00
T87POS Jyoti RANDHAWA Events1 Points 73.00
T87POS Vikrant CHOPRA Events1 Points 73.00
T87POS Shankar DAS Events1 Points 73.00
T87POS Angad CHEEMA Events1 Points 73.00
T87POS Manav JAINI Events1 Points 73.00
T87POS Wolmer MURILLO Events2 Points 73.00
94POS Niall TURNER Events3 Points 68.00
T95POS Micah Lauren SHIN Events1 Points 67.00
T95POS Angelo QUE Events1 Points 67.00
T97POS Piya SWANGARUNPORN Events1 Points 66.00
T97POS Shohei HASEGAWA Events3 Points 66.00
T97POS Masahiro KAWAMURA Events1 Points 66.00
T97POS Suteepat PRATEEPTIENCHAI Events1 Points 66.00
T97POS Somsak KAOPRATUM Events1 Points 66.00
T102POS Paul HARRIS Events3 Points 59.00
T102POS Thangaraja N. Events1 Points 59.00
T102POS WANG Wei-lun Events2 Points 59.00
T102POS Sanjay KUMAR Events1 Points 59.00
T106POS Sanghyun PARK Events1 Points 57.00
T106POS LIU Yanwei Events2 Points 57.00
108POS Digvijay SINGH Events1 Points 51.00
109POS Adam BLYTH Events3 Points 50.00
T110POS Varanyu RATTANAPHIBOONKIJ Events2 Points 49.00
T110POS Meechok PHANTHARAK Events1 Points 49.00
T110POS Itthipat BURANATANYARAT Events1 Points 49.00
T110POS Chanachok DEJPIRATANAMONGKOL Events2 Points 49.00
T110POS Nattawat SUVAJANAKORN Events2 Points 49.00
115POS Thammanoon SRIROJ Events3 Points 45.00
T116POS Jeev Milkha SINGH Events2 Points 44.00
T116POS Himmat RAI Events2 Points 44.00
T116POS Mitchell SLORACH Events2 Points 44.00
T116POS Trishul CHINNAPPA Events1 Points 44.00
T120POS Gaganjeet BHULLAR Events1 Points 36.00
T120POS CHAN Shih-Chang Events2 Points 36.00
T122POS Abhijit CHADHA Events1 Points 33.00
T122POS Samuel CHIEN Events2 Points 33.00
T124POS Daniel NISBET Events2 Points 26.00
T124POS James MARCHESANI Events1 Points 26.00
T124POS Mardan MAMAT Events3 Points 26.00
T124POS Jason KNUTZON Events1 Points 26.00
128POS Rattanon WANNASRICHAN Events3 Points 25.00
T129POS Akshay SHARMA Events1 Points 24.00
T129POS Namchok TANTIPOKHAKUL Events3 Points 24.00
T129POS Veer AHLAWAT Events1 Points 24.00
T129POS Prabagaran K. Events1 Points 24.00
T133POS Chinnarat PHADUNGSIL Events1 Points 19.00
T133POS Joohyung KIM Events1 Points 19.00
T135POS Nitithorn THIPPONG Events2 Points 19.00
T135POS Amir NAZRIN Events2 Points 19.00
T137POS Shamim KHAN Events1 Points 19.00
T137POS Naman DAWAR Events1 Points 19.00
139POS Gareth PADDISON Events2 Points 18.00
T140POS Danny MASRIN Events2 Points 17.00
T140POS Jun-Hak LEE Events1 Points 17.00
142POS Shinichi MIZUNO Events1 Points 16.00
T143POS Chanat SAKULPOLPHAISAN Events1 Points 15.00
T143POS Ashok KUMAR Events1 Points 15.00
T145POS C. MUNIYAPPA Events1 Points 13.00
T145POS Divyanshu BAJAJ Events1 Points 13.00
T147POS Ratchapol JANTAVARA Events1 Points 12.00
T147POS Philip MATSSON Events1 Points 12.00
T147POS Arjun SINGH Events1 Points 12.00
T150POS Gaurav Pratap SINGH Events1 Points 9.00
T150POS Sudhir SHARMA Events1 Points 9.00
152POS Manu GANDAS Events1 Points 8.00